4D Project 1B: In a World… (Character and Poster)


A Thousand Wishes Story Plot

In a world, where elves live in a peaceful village of Elfordon, one clumsy elf came and started a bunch of chaos. Clefie, the clumsy elf, is always blamed by his team of light technician elves for causign a blackout in the villge. Tired of being blamed, Clefie went to the pixie forest and asked her for wishes. However, he was only given three wishes. After his first wish, he started to ask for more wishes. He even wished for the whole village to be just like him but this casued a blakout in the village and the pixie to have its powers weakened. With his teammates at a loss and the pixie’s weak powers, Clefie knew he had to save the village himself. He climed up to the star tower but tripped over the wire which eventually lighted the whole village. Clefie wished the whoe village back to normal and was recognised as a true hero.


Clefie, the clumsy elf

Bookie, the smart elf

For both elves, I was inspired from the cartoon called Smurfs. However, in order not to replicate the characters, I have actually received some advice from my classmates and Michael that I should make some changes to my chracter. This includes the changing of the skin colour to be from blue to green so that it will become my own character. I have also decided to add some symbols on their hats that could represent their personality. For Clefie, I have decided to use a bell that could represnt how lost he looks and he does not know where he is going, thus, he needs a bell to show some signs to his other elves that he is at a certain place. Bookie is repreented by a book because it represents how smart he is and the pose represents how deeply in thought he always is.


For the fairy, I was inspired by tinkerbell and thus my previous design was similar to tinkerbell having blonde hair. Thus, after receiving advice from my classmates and Michael, I actually changed the colour of the dress and her hair so that she can be my own character that I have created.


This was my previous painting of my fairy which I find it very sketchy and too painerly. Furthermore, with the same hair colour as Tinkerbell, I have decided to change my character.


I feel that this project allows me to expand my creativity skills as the character is allowed to be ion any type of world. I actually had a few difficulties when coming up with the characters and their world because I was quite afrid if the characters and the world they live in did not make sense. I actually also did come up with some more characters but as I come up woth the story, I got stuck because the theme for the story that I came up with was more towards action. Thus, I have decided to come upo with a simplre story that would revolve around greed and how a person can come from zero to hero. Looking back at this story, I feel that the story should have also made some improvements because of how it should have just one message to tell instead of two. Due to how much I wanted to create a fiction character in a fiction world , I found it dificult to make use of the elements in the fiction world that includes magical fairies to be part of my story.

However, I still find this project to be very interesting and it allows me to think beyond reality and allows me to explore more from my imagination.