Alter Ego




This project has allowed me to dig deeper into my personality , meaning that it has allowed me to think of what kind of personality I actually have and how I would usually portray myself. At first, I would think of myself as sensitive, lonely and pessimistic. However, after going through Mimi’s consultation, I realised that I was being too harsh on myself and I should try to ortray myself in a more positive manner or to have the ending result as more comic like. Thus, I have chosen to come up with positive traits of myself. By doing that, I started to think of the achievements that I have achieved in my life so far.
For example, on how I came up with the personality of adventurous, I tried thinking of some of the adventures that I have been to which mostly includes overseas trips with my family and trying something new. To me, adventurous does not mean to be trying something exotic as it can also mean trying something new as some of the things tat I have come across in overseas, I could only get to experience that once in a lifetime. For example, in China, I have decided to climb the Great Wall of China as we never see this in Singapore and in Europe, I have tried squid ink pasta for the very first time. So, adventurous to me is more like trying something tat I have never tried before.
As for indecisive, I wanted to portray myself to be a little bit more comical and thus I have cme up with the personality of indecisive as I could not decide what to eat. I think that this personality would also be relatable to some of us as we could be indecisive in not just cafes but also in certain situations such as deciding our majors or the choice of adding or dropping a module. Thus, the personality I have thought about is considered based on the ability for most people to be able to relate and to portray myself in a more positive light.

Techniques wise, I realised that I still have alot of room for improvement based on the comments I have recived from Mimi as my characters were not bright, they were more pale. I need to hone on my skills so that I could see what medium I am good at so that I will be able to see which path will this medium lead me into for my major. Despite the comments, I could still say that I would favour traditional art more than digital art as I am more familiar with traditional art than digital art which is photoshop. That being said, I would try my best and hone on my watercolour skills and painting skills during the holidays to make a better art piece in the future projects. However, I could say that I indeed portrayed a certain narrative as I have planned out the layout of my settings and the personality traits that my character has.


Sketches and ideas of how our final work would look like

My partner and I have decided on going for a dome shape that could combine both my jagged edges and my partner’s pointed pine cones to create a certain bedroom light that is also comfortable in the room.

Final outcome of lamp cover






At first, I thought it would be difficult to come up with a shape that could reflect a shadow. During the process, it was also difficult to find the right material for the design of our final work as we wanted something sharp but not too heavy and metallic. This is because most of the materials that we were exposed to were expensive, sharp and metallic. However, both my partner and I have carefully considered the materials to be sturdy and pointed but also affordable. Thus, we have bought the metallic strips that is meant for gift wrapping and as for the jagged edges, we would just simply use coloured paper. As for the shadow, I was quite disappointed as there was no shadow when we used the lights provided to us. However, despite that outcome, the aesthetic of the work turned out to be what both of us wanted to look in a comfortable setting that is the bedroom.

2D Project 3 : Alter Ego- Research


Artist Reference for characters designs

My artist reference is an artist whom I found on this website called flickr. Her name is Palaleez. She designs characters which appears to look simple, illustrative and also cute. She would also portray her characters according to the emotions that they are having. For example, the last image would be a lonely character while the image above it, which is the third image would show the character to be more excited and surprised. She would also portray her characters to be seen in her own everyday life and how she would feel or react to the situation. For example, the first one is when she portray herself of getting ready to go the beach and the colour of her shirt is more orange yellow to show that she is going to somewhere sunny and bright which is the beach. By noticing the background she uses, it is mostly put in a less intense tone but it is the colour of the background that helps portray the emotions her charcaters are going through. For example, the second one is a brighter background to show her in a good mood while the last one is a grey background to show her in a lonely and dull type of mood.

Thus, for the designing of my characters, I would follow her style of having characters which are mostly kid friendly, cute and illustrative. I also wanted to portray myself to be less sombre and in a more light hearted, lively way. Furthermore, it is also a way to remind myself of how I could be more positive instead of being sad and negative most of the time. Even though some of my emotions that I portrayed in my final work are lonely and boring, I would portray the characters in a more positive way by having my characters designed to look kid friendly and illustrative with the background in a more lighter tone instead of putting the background to be very intense. The background would also have various types of colours to portray the mood for my character. For example, I could use a duller colour for my negative emotions including boring and lonely and a brighter colour for my adventurous and indecisive characters.


  • Adventurous (setting and artist reference)
  • atryl-artist-ref-2




    As for the settings, I thought I could have my settings to be in a more fantasy and dreamlike for one of my character that is adventurous. To me, when I portrayed myself as adventurous, I thought I could discover something new and thus, I would put myself into somewhere that is very new and has never existed before. Thus, the idea of a magical forest came into my mind.

    This Hungarian artist, Atryl is a professional in digital art and creates works that are mostly full of fantasy. By following his colour scheme of purple, pink and dark blue, I am able to set the dreamlike and fantasy mood of painting for my adventurous character.

    Another artist is Kim Min Ji who is a Korean illustrator who uses watercolour for many of his own versions of other childrens’ books including Wizards of Oz (third picture) and The Little Prince (fourth picture). He also has chosen to use pink and purple to create a whole dreamlike and fantasy image and adventure that his characters are embarking on. I am inspired by the way he uses watercolour which seems to be very controlled on the amount of water he uses so that his images would look brighter and viewers could see the details easily. The using of watercolour also helps to create a more childlike illustration because of how watercolours were not meant to look dark and they are more appealing towards the children’s eyes because of how such bright colours can create a les intense mood for the children. As a result, I would be choosing the emedium of watercolour for my final work and it would be a children illustration type of work.

  • Indecisive
  • cafe-setting-2



    I was looking for a more cosy setting for my cafe and thus the third image would have the layout of a cosy setting and it is also a more obvious depiction that this is a cafe. I would also want to depict my cafe to be more bright and vibrant so that it will be aligned with the character that I want to portray as indecisive and this charcater is not really sombre or boring. Thus, for the colours, I would intend to make my cafe look mored and yellow but also keep the building to be in a warm colour range so that the whole cafe could be seen as not only cosy but it is also very welcoming to the viewers.

  • Lonely
  • 2016-11-14-photo-00000173

    From the picture’s composition, I could actually see there is an odd one out in the whole image. The way I depicted loneliness would be a character who has no friends and is isolated away from everyone. Thus, this is the research image which I have found on how lonely people could be isolated from everyone. Furthermore, the student in the corner has a grey table while the other students are in colour which could strongly support my composition on the idea of loneliness.

  • Boring to Creative
  • creative-rocket



    For the settings, I have decided to go with something that is more dynamic and in space to give the setting,Arts, Design and Media School a more fictional space. Thus, when I thought of the school, I would think of something dynamic like a rocket in space. However, instead of portraying the rocket as a rocket, I have searched for different ways to portray the rocket in the most creative ways possible. As a result, I have found most rockets are portrayed creatively in terms of using pencil and light bulb.

    Magical Creatures Artist Refrence



    The result for my adventurous character in the magical forest would be to discover something new. For the part of dicovering something new. I do not want to make it too ordinary or something very simple such as discovering a treasure box of gold or discovering an unknown island in the forest. I would want the result to be more exciting and related to my theme of fantasy. Thus, I added in the fantasy creatures. Furthermore, magical creatures are something that does not exist in real life and I wanted my magical forest to be something that is more fictional.
    I have tried searching on how magical creatures would look like and managed to find one artist who could do such character designs. His name is Piper Thibodeau from Canada. He is a freelance character designer and he creates amazing, whimsical and dreamlike creatures in his own art book called ‘Daily Paintings’.
    I was inspired by how creative and original his creatures could be as one could tell that those charcaters are of his own creations and it is not something that exist in real life. Thus, by looking at how he portrayed his characters to be very dreamlike and fantasy, I would try to include some parts of his creatures as part of my creation but I would also add on to his creations by looking at all of his creatures first then I would examine his style of creation, after which I would make my own characters by following his style.

    4D Project 3: Mis en scene

    Sorry, I could not provide the movie creen to beshown here as my file was too big and thus I shared it on vimeo. However, I do not know how to put the movie screen from vimeo to be shown in this post. Thus, I could only provide the link. Please click on the word ‘ RISKs 2 ‘ which will help provide you to the watching of my video.

    RISKS 2 from Audrelia on Vimeo.

    This story mainly talks about a girl who is suffering from a certain terminal illness but wants to fulfil her dreams of being a singer by going for the singing audition. Her parents were worried at forst but decided to let heer go in the end so she could fulfil her wish. However, due to how serious her illness is, her illness took over her performance which led her to be rejected by the judges. Thus, becaue of how serious her illness is and how she now could not fulfil her dreams, she could not take the fact that she got rejected and dies on stage.

    My group’s six lines are
    1. I have to go.
    2. Do yout hink this is alright?
    3. What do you mean?
    4. I really have to.
    5. Just go ahead. Goodbye.

    Creepy Heartbeat Sound Effect
    Hey there Dellialah -Plain White T’s cover by Sadie Love
    Heartbeat and breathing sound effect
    Heartbeat flatline

    Jaime Goh
    Lydia Lui
    Zerlin Jade

    Overall , I think that filming requires alot of detail for every scenes that you wan to shoot or reshoot. For example, if I were to reshoot, I had to make sure that my actors had to wear the same clothes and be in the same position. Also, I had to ensure the background setting should be te same with no distraction. I had to bevery careful and be aware of the setting or else I would end up with the result I have.

    I also think that being a director, you have to have a vision on how your storyboard goes or else you would be confused and would not know how your angles are supposed to look like or how your story should flow. Thus, I ended up having to receive my groupmates’ suggestions to shoot my story instead.

    However, I think that editing seems much easier as I could better visualise how my movie goes and I Know which are the parts I should cut in order to ensure a smooth story.

    Project 2: Impossibilities of a being

    This video is mainly talking about my everyday life as a student who do not live in ahall and I would have to wake up early for school especially for Monday’s morning class at 8am. The transformation would mainly revolve around how I would brush my teeth, carry my bag and wear my shoe.
    The reason why I would keep falling is to describe on how I would be so tired and I could not get myself up to walk to school.

    I realised that doing a stop motion video requires alot of effort in order to make the whole sequemce to be very smooth. In order to make my video, I would have to plan out the story and how I am going to get out of my bed and brush my teeth and at which point I should stop to take the the photo. All of these factors would have to be taken to consideration in order to make the whole sequence to be able to tell as tory and make the whole sequence seem logical.

    During the planning, I actually did have some difficulties in laying out my sequence for the story as I had to make sure the whole sequence seem smooth and logical. Thus, I had to do a rehearsal first on my own without the camera so that I could better visualise what I would be doing and how the pictures should be taken.

    However, overall, this has been quite an interesting project for me as I notice the effects on what stop motion has that by combining bits of images can create a video and they could tell a story. Although the planning and execution can be troublesome, but the ending result and the learning outcome for me to notice this strength about stop motion is something new and interesting for me.

    4D Project : In a World…(Sequential Imaging)

    This is when Clefie is being blamed by his teammate, Bookie for causing a blackout for the whole village. However, this is actually not the first time that Clefie has done this, thus, Bookie is shown to have an angry expression.
    Visual wise, I have decided to take the advice I received from my classmates and Michael that there should be a sense of perspective. Thus, I have decided to make the houses look even smaller from the tower’s perspective.

    This is when Clefie decided to go to the pixie forest and ask the fairy for wishes. Clefie is depicted to be a greedy character after recieving his wishes as in the story, I hve mentioned that he asked for three more wishes after he had his third wish. Thus, Clefie is depicted to have his mouth wide open and this could represent how much he wants to have more wishes.
    Visual wise, the background was atually a forest with flowers and trees. However, after receiving the advice in the critics session, I did consider of how the background should be related in context with the story that is the whole village is in a blackout mode. Thus, I have decided to paint the whole background in dark purple and just focussing on the two characters.

    So, this is the aftermath of Clefie wishing that the whole village would belike him. Clefie then wanted to ask the fairy what he should do but he realised the fairy could not help him as her powers became weak. Thus, there is the sad expression on his face as he realised he is now left helpless and has gone overboard with his wishes.
    Visual wise, I received some commebts during the critics session that the houses look as if they are floating objects. Thus, I have decided to change the colour of the houses which could blend into the context of the whole village is blackout and are also quite prominent. I have also added some shadows so that viewers could see that the houses are on the ground and not floating.

    Character’s Decision
    This is when Clefie decided that he should climb up to the tower and save the whole village. I wanted to show the village to remain in the blackout mode because of how I think that base on Clefie’s position, he has not tripped over the wires, he is only starting to trip over the wires. Thus, the whole village is still in a blackout mode.
    Visual wise, because Clefie is standing on the tower, the houses, again, should remain small and they should have a certain perspective. Thus, I have arranged the towers to be in a more circular pattern which could enhance the sense of perspective for the viewers.

    In the end, Clefie wished the whole village back to normal and he was regarded a true hero. Thus, I have chosen to depict the keypoint in the resolution that is how Clefie is depicted as a true hero by his fellow elves. In this image, the elves recognised Clefie as a hero by throwing him up into the air which is also a form of celebration of his victory.

    Visual wise, I have depicted a sense of perspective as there is a foreground and the background is dominated by the sky. The elves including Clefie also has a sense of perspective as he seems to be bigger than the rest of the elves on the ground.

    Overall. I feel that this project is slightly difficult because of how we should illustrate our story using just five panels. It can be difficult for me to capture the main points of the story as I felt that nost of the points in the story are the main points. Thus, since I came from narrative class, I anaged to learn soe tips of writing a story and I used those guidelines such as the beginning, middle, climax, character’s decision and resolution, whenthinking about how I should illustrate my story.
    I have also learnt that even though it is a fictional story, there is still a need to show some perspective so that viewers will know from whose point of view are they looking at.
    Despite the challenges, I still find this project to be an interesting experience for me and I am using a medium which is comfortable for me as I am better at traditional medium than digital medium. I feel that this project is interesting because of how I found out that I could narrate a moving story using still images. This is die to how we would usually see still images alone with no story, it is only when we include another image, we could see a story towards the whole image.

    4D Project 1B: In a World… (Character and Poster)


    A Thousand Wishes Story Plot

    In a world, where elves live in a peaceful village of Elfordon, one clumsy elf came and started a bunch of chaos. Clefie, the clumsy elf, is always blamed by his team of light technician elves for causign a blackout in the villge. Tired of being blamed, Clefie went to the pixie forest and asked her for wishes. However, he was only given three wishes. After his first wish, he started to ask for more wishes. He even wished for the whole village to be just like him but this casued a blakout in the village and the pixie to have its powers weakened. With his teammates at a loss and the pixie’s weak powers, Clefie knew he had to save the village himself. He climed up to the star tower but tripped over the wire which eventually lighted the whole village. Clefie wished the whoe village back to normal and was recognised as a true hero.


    Clefie, the clumsy elf

    Bookie, the smart elf

    For both elves, I was inspired from the cartoon called Smurfs. However, in order not to replicate the characters, I have actually received some advice from my classmates and Michael that I should make some changes to my chracter. This includes the changing of the skin colour to be from blue to green so that it will become my own character. I have also decided to add some symbols on their hats that could represent their personality. For Clefie, I have decided to use a bell that could represnt how lost he looks and he does not know where he is going, thus, he needs a bell to show some signs to his other elves that he is at a certain place. Bookie is repreented by a book because it represents how smart he is and the pose represents how deeply in thought he always is.


    For the fairy, I was inspired by tinkerbell and thus my previous design was similar to tinkerbell having blonde hair. Thus, after receiving advice from my classmates and Michael, I actually changed the colour of the dress and her hair so that she can be my own character that I have created.


    This was my previous painting of my fairy which I find it very sketchy and too painerly. Furthermore, with the same hair colour as Tinkerbell, I have decided to change my character.


    I feel that this project allows me to expand my creativity skills as the character is allowed to be ion any type of world. I actually had a few difficulties when coming up with the characters and their world because I was quite afrid if the characters and the world they live in did not make sense. I actually also did come up with some more characters but as I come up woth the story, I got stuck because the theme for the story that I came up with was more towards action. Thus, I have decided to come upo with a simplre story that would revolve around greed and how a person can come from zero to hero. Looking back at this story, I feel that the story should have also made some improvements because of how it should have just one message to tell instead of two. Due to how much I wanted to create a fiction character in a fiction world , I found it dificult to make use of the elements in the fiction world that includes magical fairies to be part of my story.

    However, I still find this project to be very interesting and it allows me to think beyond reality and allows me to explore more from my imagination.

    2D Forrest Gump Drafts

    ” Congratulations San Francissco, you’ve ruined pizza!” , Inside Out, 2015

    Draft 1

    Draft 2

    Draft 1 and 2
    I wanted to depict the character as a grumpy old man who would yell and throw a tanthrum as he did not get what he wants. This is also because of how the charcater is named Angry and he would yell and shoot out flames when he gets angry, so, it seems as if he is throwing a tanthrum. Both drafts depict the character as a grumpy old man throwing a tanthrum either inside or outside the restaurant serving broccoli pizza.
    Draft 1 shows the grumpy old man throwing his tanthrum outside the restaurant as I wanted to show that the restaurant actually thinks that they are serving delicious pizza but instead they serve broccoli pizza which is not what the chracter wants.
    Draft 2 shows the man in the restaurant with the waitress tempting the man even more to eat more of their delicious ‘pizza’ which is actually the fruits and vegetables in the image.
    However, for both drafts, I find that the compoition is not convincing enough as the image just shows a man throwing his tanthrum because he did not get what he wants. The first draft is also again, has a separate composition as the restaurant is far apart from the old man.


    ‘Keep moving forward” , Meet the Robinsons, 2007

    From the first though of this quote, I would think of how I could represent the character as a scientist and using the most iconic scientific figure, Albert Einstein so that everyone would know that it is a scientist who said this quote. However, at first, I have chosen to use the ides of time travelling from the past to the future as the chracter timetravelled to the future and as a scientist, he would want to keep moving forward and invent new technology that can be improved over the years. However, after following Mimi’s advise on how I could represent the elements with scientific elements instead, I have decided to put the context into how this chracter could see his own future as a scientist just like the one in my final work.

    2D Forrest Gump Drafts

    “Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore”, Frozen, 2013


    Draft 1
    At first, I would depict the character to be a very evil queen dominating the whole kingdom with her powers. This is because when I wanted to interprete the quote, I would think about the movie’s story as a whole; the fact that the character has frozen the whole kingdom and allowing everyone to be freezing in the snow has allowed me to interprete her as an evil queen. Thus, I have chosen to represent the character’s eyes to be replaced with snowmballs and sitting on a queen’s throne that sits at the top of the mountain. This whole image would make the character look more dominant.
    However, the whole composition may seem too empty and I have also realised that replacing the eyes with the snowball just does not represent how evil she is.


    Draft 2
    Thus, I have moved on to this piece where the queen would be found attacking the kingdom using her powers. I have also stil chosen to represent her powers to be more evil and literally showing her attacking the whole kingdom using her powers. However, after consulting with Mimi, I was told that the whole composition seems so separated and it does not help narrate the meaning of the quote where the character is finally letting go of her powers.


    Draft 3
    At last, I have come up with this piece where it really illustrates the meaning of the quote. At first, I did not know how to illustrate the meaning of the quote until I have consulted with Mimi. She helped me to break down the meaning of the quote as she asked me why did the character say that quote and when did she say that quote. Thus, when I managed to answer what Mimi has asked me, I managed to understand the meaning of the quote much better. As a result, I have depicted my charcater to be breaking free from the mountains that she has been hiding which could represent how trapped she feels when she had to hide her powers. The butterflied would represent the freedom that she finally has to release her powers and the girl would further enhance the effect on how the charcaters’ transformation of being trapped to having freedom. However, after the crtiics session, I was told that the mountains could not be seen and it was not obvious enough that it was a mountain. Thus, I have decided to change it and it is shown in my final piece.

    ” I don’t like food. I love it” , Ratatouille, 2007

    Draft 1
    At first, I depicted the character as an evil wolf who would slowly creep up onto his prey, then he would pounce onto his prey and eat it. The reason why I have depicted my charcater this way was because of how the character says that quote. He sounded as if he was threatening the main character in the movie, Linghuini, to close down his restaurant and Linghuini was also scared of him. Furthermore, the moment as the character stepped into the room, everyone was silent and the atmophere was still. The character thus made me feel that he is someone who is evil but also hungry for food.
    Thus, in this image, the wolf in a man’s suit is representing the character and the beaver which is the wolf’s prey is representing Linghuini. The image depicts the character who is going to eat his prey . However, I feel that this sompostiton may not be convinsing enough as the character who said the quote may not be obvious enough as there are now two charcaters. Furthermore, I could not find a better picture of a bevaer that would crouch down and facing the wolf. Thus, I have decided to go with this image of the beaver. However, the beaver is standing and it does not seem to be scared of the wolf.


    Draft 2
    Again , I wanted to show the character to be an evil villain who is attacking Linghuini. However, in this case, Linghuini is decpited as a chef who does not know about how the character actually plans to close down his restaurant and is hunting him down. However, the image again does not show who is the character that said the quote as there are two charcters. Furthermore, the composition seems so separated as the images does not seem to create a narrative to the meaning of the quote.


    Draft 3
    Following Mimi’s advise on how I can represent my character as a pig, I have chosen to depict my character to be a greedy pig who loves to eat good food. However, the foods in this image may seem too much of a distraction as there is no focus point ont the character. As for the mouth, I thought I could exaggerate how greedy the character is as he is always eating by including a big mouth. However, this would just make the whole image look distracting and the mouth just does not fit into the composition.


    Draft 4
    Then, I have decided to depict the pig to be ordering so much food as he loves food. The hamburger would represent how fat he is because of the amount of food he eats and how food has become a part of him since he loves food and he is a food critic. However, during the critics session, I was told that the pig’s head is not obvious enough to show it is a pig and the food that is stacked up infront of the pig is showing comparison. Thus, I have decided to chnage my image into my final piece.

    Forrest Gump

    Artist reference, Dan Hillier



    Inspired by Dan Hillier, I have used his style of tranforming images into my work. I also identified how he could superimposed one image onto another image or juxtaposing two different elements together and making it look like one image. His images would seem to me as more surrealistic and in the mode of transformation that could also attract the viewers’ attention.


    “Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore.” , Frozen, 2013

    Based on the meaning of the quote and the movie itself, I have interpreted the quote as the main protagonist who said the quote as someone who has been trpped in her own inner turmoil as she has to conceal her powers so as to no harm her sister and anyone. However, in the later part of the film, she discovered that she had failed to control her powers infront of everyone but she decided to acknowledge her inner turmoil and her failure to control herself by revealing her inner turmoil. This means that she is breaking free, there is no need to hide her powers anymore since everyone knows about her powers.
    Thus, in this image, I have chosen to represent the quote as the character breaking free and finally revealing her powers as she had been hiding it all the time. The scene was represented as the mountains because the character was saying this quote at the mountains. Furthermore, the mountains could also represent how trapped she was as she had to hide her powers. Then, slowly, she starts to reveal her powers. The butterflies would represent the emotion that she felt which was freedom and the girl was to further enhance the illustration of the quote that it is the girl who feel the sense of freedom as she was trapped before.


    ” Congratulations, San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza!” Inside Out, 2015

    This movie is about how emotions control our actions, inner thoughts and characters. In this movie, there are five characters namely Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sad and Angry who control the actions, inner thoughts and characters of a girl name Riley. However, for this quote, I have decided to pick only one of the five charcaters and that is Angry. This is because I find this quote to be funny, interesting and easy to represent. It is funny and interesting because the quote is said when Riley went to San Francissco and ordered a slice of pizza but instead of getting a pizza filled with delicious ingredients, she got a broccoli pizza instead. Thus, Angry was angry as he said that quote but instead of scolding the waitress, he said that quote sarcastically but still with an angry expression.
    Thus, I have chosen to represent my character in a volcano because in one of the scenes in the movie, I could see that he was shooting out flames and that reminded me of a volcano that could flare out when they are agitated. He would also shoot out the broccoli from the pizza that he is being served to the sea as he was angry that he was served broccoli pizza.


    ” I don’t like food. I love it. ” Ratatouille, 2007

    This quote is said by the main character who is a food critic walked into the movie’s main protagonist, Chef Linguini’s restaurant and announcing that he would be coming to his restaurant for a food review, expecting good food from him. This is because of how previously he rated very low for the restaurant which caused the previous chef to pass away. Thus, he would expect the restaurant to do very badly after that period, but to his surprise, the restaurant did amazigly well. Thus, he came back and demanded to have another food review but having strict requirements of good food.
    Based on the quote itself. I interpreted the character as a pig who loves good food and eats good food. Furhtermore, the character is a food critic, this means that he eats alot of food such that food has become part of his life. Thus, I have decided to interprete the character as a pig who is in a suit but the body replaced by a hamburger to emphasise how fat he is as he loves eating food and to represent how food became part of his life since he is a food critic.


    “Kep moving forward” , Meet the Robinsons, 2007

    This quote has actually been emphasised throughout the movie, however, I have specifically picked the scene where the main character realised that he has actually seen his own future and his own success as a scientist. Thus, the two roads represent how the character is moving forward and seeing his own future as a scientist with the science elements surrounding him. Furthermore, since the charcater loves science and he is also a scienist in the future, so, I have chosen to represent him as Albert Einstein who sees himself having a successful career as a scientist in the future.


    This is also my final piece for my totebag. The reason why I have chosen this quote for my tote bag is because I find the quote to be very motivating and it inspires me to keep moving forward no matter what challenges I face in my life.


    Overall, I feel that this project can be quite difficult for me. Even though it is using a digital platform but it is using a software which I may not be familiar with and that is Photoshop. At first, I did not know how to create a keyline to prevent my images to look as if they are floating. It was not until I asked one of my classmates who gave me a link to the tutorial steps for Photoshop thatI could find the steps to create a keyline and make my image to become even more focussed.
    I also find some difficulties in thinking about the symbols that I may need to use to represnt the quote because the quote show show the meaning of the quote and the meaning of the movie, also to create a narration. It was not very easy for me to create such collages because I could not think of a certain story that could illustrate the meaning of my quote. Thus, I exposed myself to more collage artists especially digital artists that could help inspire me and teach me how I could do a collage and represent my quote in amore surrealistic manner.