4D Project 3: Mis en scene

Sorry, I could not provide the movie creen to beshown here as my file was too big and thus I shared it on vimeo. However, I do not know how to put the movie screen from vimeo to be shown in this post. Thus, I could only provide the link. Please click on the word ‘ RISKs 2 ‘ which will help provide you to the watching of my video.

RISKS 2 from Audrelia on Vimeo.

This story mainly talks about a girl who is suffering from a certain terminal illness but wants to fulfil her dreams of being a singer by going for the singing audition. Her parents were worried at forst but decided to let heer go in the end so she could fulfil her wish. However, due to how serious her illness is, her illness took over her performance which led her to be rejected by the judges. Thus, becaue of how serious her illness is and how she now could not fulfil her dreams, she could not take the fact that she got rejected and dies on stage.

My group’s six lines are
1. I have to go.
2. Do yout hink this is alright?
3. What do you mean?
4. I really have to.
5. Just go ahead. Goodbye.

Creepy Heartbeat Sound Effect
Hey there Dellialah -Plain White T’s cover by Sadie Love
Heartbeat and breathing sound effect
Heartbeat flatline

Jaime Goh
Lydia Lui
Zerlin Jade

Overall , I think that filming requires alot of detail for every scenes that you wan to shoot or reshoot. For example, if I were to reshoot, I had to make sure that my actors had to wear the same clothes and be in the same position. Also, I had to ensure the background setting should be te same with no distraction. I had to bevery careful and be aware of the setting or else I would end up with the result I have.

I also think that being a director, you have to have a vision on how your storyboard goes or else you would be confused and would not know how your angles are supposed to look like or how your story should flow. Thus, I ended up having to receive my groupmates’ suggestions to shoot my story instead.

However, I think that editing seems much easier as I could better visualise how my movie goes and I Know which are the parts I should cut in order to ensure a smooth story.