Art Science Museum Trip: Future World Review

One moving image which I found really interesting would be “ Story of the Time Where Gods¬†were Everywhere.” This work is done digitally but there also appear to be some calligraphy designs added into the work. The calligraphy designs are most probably the hieroglyphic characters. These characters would have the viewers to be curious and touch then do they could turn into elements such as rain, wind, trees and mountains.

What I like about this work is how interactive it is as viewers can touch it and they can create their own story. They are able to see the story evolve into their own which is expanding our own creativity.

This interaction is also most probably the artist’s intention to tell viewers that new visual worlds in nature are constantly being created by us, humans.

Another work that featured a moving image is the Universal of Water Particles. 

I find it very interesting and impressive on how the artist managed to render this whole work digitally to give the impression that the waterfall looks real.

The artist strictly followed according to the law of physics to create the lines in the waterfall. So, it is the movement of the lines that actually gives viewers the impression the waterfall is coming towards them as the waterfall seems to be portruding outwards and towards the viewers.

I am thinking that the artists’s purpose of using digital as their medium is because of the need for movement in their works. Without movement, the viewers may think the work is just a still life image. However, with movements being added, it helps with the effect of being more realistic as it is coming towards the viewers.

4D Assignment- Movie Theme Discussion

Rear Window
So, after watching the movie, I realised the theme is about alienation that is when people are just being living in their own houses and not being exposed to the other Neighbours’ lived. Thus, when a murder occured around the block, nobody knew anything and they did not eve help. This would also lead to another theme in questioning the meaning of being a good Neighbour. However, for the main character, he is exposed to his Neighbours because he was the witness of a murder scene in one of the blocks and he decided to investigate this murder and stop it.