3D project 2: Disorientation

Thought process

When thinking about the word “disorientation”, I was actually thinking more towards having the sense of confusion which leads to illusion. Thus, I initially had a few ideas before arriving into my final piece.

When peter suggested I could do a wearable, I was thinking of the red and cyan 3D glasses. I had this idea where I put some images which look scary and they are monsters to make the viewers feel very scared and how this illusion of wearing the glasses is made possible. However, when I bought the glasses and wore them, I see that the illusion was not impactful  and scary enough.

Then, I browse through the internet and have searched a very popular moving animation where the artist use lines to create the illusion and the images move in them. However, I could not follow the tutorial based on YouTube because I was unfamiliar with the usage of the tools they mentioned.

Thus, I research again and found this artist named MC Escher who uses the tasselation method. This means he uses shapes that could help confuse the viewers so they could see a sense of illusion. Furthermore, the changing of Colours  at a higher speed would confuse and distract the viewers as they may not know where the bird is after looking at few of the slides.

For my installation, I was intending to make something related with my video installation by having birds as the subject matter and the movement as the concept. So, by using the corner of the classroom, I could get the viewers to feel the sense of illusion where the birds are moving. I have arranged them according to the size and the length of the wall which determines how my arrangement should be like, that is having more on the left side and lesser on the right.

Installation with origami birds

Video installation




I feel that I could have made better improvements to my video installation. I was told during the review that the installation works better and fulfils the meaning of disorientation.

Overall, I feel that this project can be quite difficult as it requires us to think deeply from what we understand about the word. We then have to create an installation based on that word alone to critic on what we understand from that word. However, this is also quite an interesting project because it allows us to think in a narrative way based on a theme given to us and allowing us to find out what type of style we have when we interpreted a word.

3D Project 2


For my unit, I have chosen the stomata of an aloe vera. Thus, the choice of materials I have chosen is clay. This is because of how there are some deep ends on the inside of the stomata and the fact that it is very irregular, makes clay the best choice for material. The stomata is also on the cuticle of the plant, which is why I have chosen to have a cuboid shape as my base and the stomata at the front.


For the background, I have chosen to have a certain texture that would be more rough but also have a certain wave like appearance that makes the whole structure to look rhythmic. I depicted the background as the stomata, and thus there would be sunken holes at the background surrounded by lobes.

Side view




At first, I thought that it was difficult to find a representation for the unit itself. I thought of using egg cartons because of how I noticed there were stomatas that were shaped like a dome and the texture is similar to the egg carton.

However, after examining the material, I thought that clay would be a better choice as it is able to create deep ends and a concave structure.

3D Project 1



Before I started making a pig, I actually had another animal in mind that I would like to do. I wanted to make a rabbit using the two pairs of shoe which I bought front eh flea market. The shoe would be the base and I was intending to use a water bottle to be the rabbit’s back spine curving in.

However, during class, I realised that I could not make a rabbit because of the shape of my water bottle is not curved enough. Furthermore, I wanted to use aluminium foil to wrap around the shoe so that the rabbit will be white. However, I realised that I did not bring enough aluminium foil.

Thus, I looked at the shape of my water bottle and realised that it is more round and it forms the shape of a pig as I cut it. With the aluminium foil I had, I wrapped it around the transparent bottle so that the pig would be seen much clearer and more prominent. I also used the cap of the bottle for the nose and the tip of the shoelace as the eyes. The springs were thought to be for the tail because I was thinkng of an iconic image of a pig’s tail which would be like a spring. In order to use lesser materials, I made use of the spring for the pig’s legs, at the same time, the pig is able to become more prominent from afar.