Storyboard Assignment 3

Scene 1: Muriel’s room. I would think of Muriel in ” A Perfect Day for Banana fish” as someone who would resemble Carolyn in American Beauty. Thus, the style of the character is similar to Carolyn when comparing the short hairstyle and the way she dress is quite sophisticated as she seems to be concern about her image.

About the perspective, I have chosen it as a two perspective. By looking at the image, the bed is not seen fully but the layout of the room is seen. This is to give an idea of what the character is like as she is someone who is similar to Carolyn’s character of caring about image and she does not seem to care about her Husband as she is seen seated and looking at her nails.

Scene 2: Elevator

The scene in the elevator would show how Sigmul has a change in his behaviour. To me, a closer view of his action and his expression would be a better perspective. I am also giving a one perspective view to show a sense of focus on the two characters especially Sigmul. This view enables us to see how Sigmul has changed and how much has he changed.