2D Process- Memory Drawing

This drawing is supposed to represent happy because of how the lines seem to look fluid and less harsh compared to angry. The lines are drawn based on the memory that I have thought about which was going overseas with my family for the first time. Thus, there is an image of a sealion dancing, to represent how excited I was.
I could also see how this image can be a reference for my final work which is for one of emotions called excited. The lines would be fluid and have vivid, rhythmic strokes that could flow according to how existed I am.

2D Process for My Line is Emo

Process of Project 1 (done during class)imageimage
The first image is done by exploring the use of the roller when I explored the different tones it can make and by making marks using the roller instead of just rolling on the paper. I managed to create a background with lines that are in a criss cross pattern.
The second image is done by string and I noticed the tone it creates has a tension from strong to lighter tone. You can also feel that there is an emotion that is coming out of the work that looks like anger.
The last image is done using crumpled tissue paper and dabbing it on the paper. I notice how this material and technique gives the whole work a blurry effect which is also what I want from my emotions.