Project 2: Impossibilities of a being

This video is mainly talking about my everyday life as a student who do not live in ahall and I would have to wake up early for school especially for Monday’s morning class at 8am. The transformation would mainly revolve around how I would brush my teeth, carry my bag and wear my shoe.
The reason why I would keep falling is to describe on how I would be so tired and I could not get myself up to walk to school.

I realised that doing a stop motion video requires alot of effort in order to make the whole sequemce to be very smooth. In order to make my video, I would have to plan out the story and how I am going to get out of my bed and brush my teeth and at which point I should stop to take the the photo. All of these factors would have to be taken to consideration in order to make the whole sequence to be able to tell as tory and make the whole sequence seem logical.

During the planning, I actually did have some difficulties in laying out my sequence for the story as I had to make sure the whole sequence seem smooth and logical. Thus, I had to do a rehearsal first on my own without the camera so that I could better visualise what I would be doing and how the pictures should be taken.

However, overall, this has been quite an interesting project for me as I notice the effects on what stop motion has that by combining bits of images can create a video and they could tell a story. Although the planning and execution can be troublesome, but the ending result and the learning outcome for me to notice this strength about stop motion is something new and interesting for me.