Celebrations are very common in Erenderiels as they love them. Every month they will have a huge celebration where they will celebrate for 2 weeks. For the first 4 days of each celebrations, they do not work but for the rest of the other days they will only work for half a day.

Month / Festivals:

Shevat / Day of Atonement – During this festival, there will be animal sacrifices where it symbolises the removing of wrong doings one had done during the past year and it is a time of reflection. 

Adar / New Year – Erenderiels believe that it is very important to start the year by celebrating as it is a new beginning of the year. There will be a huge feast and many people dancing around to welcome the new year. They will have an opening ritual so that they could receive blessings from God. It is the biggest festival of the year.

Nissan / Celebration of new life – Erenderiels have a month specially dedicated to new born children or the coming of age. It is a time where they celebrate new people to the family and rejoice as the child goes on to adulthood. Parents will get new clothes and a feast will be prepared for them. It is the third biggest festival of the year.

Iyar / Passover – It is a time where they remember how their ancestors suffered from slavery and was brought out by God.

Sivan / Festival of Lights – It is observed by the kindling of lights on each night of the holiday, marking the rededication of the Temple

Tammuz /  Festival of Rain – The whole month is dedicated to praying for rain for the months of Av and Elul as these are the warmest months. It is observed with the hope of increasing the harvest and countering drought.

Av & Elul / Gardening Day – During the 2 months, different kinds of food are grown. Erenderiels will have to do a lot of labour work so that the food can be lasted for the whole year. It is a time where much patience and hard work are required. Usually, the younger boys will be sent to go to the steeper terrains to grow staples.  

Tishri / Harvesting Festival  – It is a time where the harvest is collected and a portion of it will be used for a feast. It is a way to thank God for his provision to the Erenderiels. It is the second biggest festival of the year.

Cheshvan / Day of Thanksgiving – It is a time to feel gratitude for the good things in life. This is a day of festivity, family reunions and lavish feasts. This day was also historically a religious observation to give thanks to the almighty God.

Kislev / Feast of Sacrifice –  During this time, it is where the Erenderiels will bring a new born lamb or goat to offer as a sacrifice to the temple. It is to ward off evil to come into the family for the whole year by applying blood of the sacrifice on their doors.

Tevet / Festival of Fire  – It is celebrated with grandeur and magnificence. It was a festivity to honor fire and to defeat the forces of darkness, frost, and cold. Camel thorns from a common desert shrub are gathered to celebrate.