Curating Them (in progress)

Curating Them is an interactive performance piece that explores the control of social media over a person’s real life decisions and our willingness to let it happen and shape our digital identity. This will play out over Instagram Story, using the poll function as our voting system. There will be two parties posting pre-determined questions at the same time. However, the choices will be decided by the other group and the audience will decide between the choices. The outcome will then apply to the other party. As such, the party will have no control over their day, which is solely determined by the choices the other party provides, and the choice chosen by the audience over Instagram Story. Our decisions and actions for the entire day is dictated by social media and ultimately the people behind social media. In the end people effect people, and use the form of social media to do so. This can be seen all across the world in television when a company wants to sell us a product by convincing us we need it or when movies alter our worldview or perceptions of an actor. 

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