3D | Final Model Submission


Here’s my precious final model and sketch analysis! Please click to enlarge the image and enjoy~



Material Application

Didn’t touch my 3D skills for like… 2 years and I’m sooooo glad I still remember how the software works. Bless the person who created the 3Ds Max software. So here’s what I’ve come out with for my application!


Close up 1 copy

If only I get to live in this house. Life would be sooo awesome (wood fan 4eva) 


How ya like my popsicle mold with a STRAW. Cool idea huh? Thanks Arianne for your brain cells.

Anddddddd. This marks the end of Rectilinear Volumes. Next to come, and to conquer – Curvilinear Volumes!

3D | Sketch Models & Analysis


Here are the 3 sketch models that I did before achieving my final model.
Please click onto the images to have a clearer view.

3D Submission-023D Submission-033D Submission-04

Model 1
Ms Cheryl mentioned that my model has 1 Dominant and 2 Subdominants. I was told to make my dominant even bigger so that it has more presence than the rest. Whereas for my subordinate, the length is similar to my subdominant, therefore I had to reduce the subordinate’s size even more.

3D Submission-053D Submission-063D Submission-07

Model 2
Ms Cheryl really liked this model (i’m not sure why). She said that this was very interesting… I thought that this model reminded me of a hammer. But yes, I tried working on this model to make it as my final piece but I felt that it didn’t look as interesting.  

3D Submission-083D Submission-093D Submission-10-103D Submission-11

3D Submission-12

3D Submission-13

Model 3
This model is my favourite among all the pieces that I did. However, Ms Cheryl mentioned that I still have 1 Dominant and 2 Subdominants in this model (so frustrating i can’t get it right!!!) Anyway, she was really nice as she helped me in restructuring this model.I hope that the above infographics is not so confusing… I tried my best to show the changes made! As you can see below, there’s a massive change in the 3rd model. 3D Submission-14

So that is how I achieved my final model! Thank you guysssss, time to sleep.