4D | Project 3 I

Singapore is one of the countries with the most light pollution. 

Our country is never dark as street lamps fills up the entire city. We’re surrounded by lights that we do not see the real beauty of the night and will probably never get to experience the Milky Way, thanks to a little-known environmental disturbance – light pollution. Our naked eye may not capture the stars sprinkled in our endless sky, or witness the night of our universe, but there’s a charm to be found in our illuminated dark as beauty, can be found within.

Here is my 50 words narrative:

Titled: Lost in Light

Our homeland is never dark as street lamps litter the city, giving an orange glow to the night. The stars may have disappeared in the lights, yet charm remains in the illuminated dark. Speckles of light filled the entire city and that, is the beauty of our night.

My initial idea was to focus on finding beauty in the lights of Singapore, as even though we can’t see the stars, we can still find beauty in our illuminated dark. However, after much contemplation, I realised that my inspiration for this project was basically the fact that even though we can’t see the stars, we know it’s there. Therefore, my film will be focusing on – the journey to see the stars. Well my title will still be “Lost in Light”.

Here’s some shots I took to show the “journey”. Just a test try…

Stay tune!!

4D | “The Night Watch” Submission



18 x 11cm mounted on foam board

Artist Statement

All strange things happen at night, and we are strangers to the dark. We don’t quite explore it; we find ways to live around it, whereas for some, they guard the night while the city sleeps. The quietness and the mystery of the night, takes on a mystical charm which is so colourful, but also dark. We often forget the heroes who keeps us safe while we are at our most vulnerable. Find the unseen that is overlooked, bring forth and start appreciating.

Submission Layout

Dimensions: 18 x 11cm
Printed on matte paper and mounted on foam board

For “The Night Watch”, I decided to display my 30 shots in an exhibition layout to give a more impactful message to the audience as I felt it’s more direct and “interactive” than a book as viewers can get up and personal. The extensive amount of photos shows how well protected our country is at night, due to the security guards we have. This project has only covered a small part of the west side of Singapore and it has so much security, imagine the amount of guards we have for the whole Singapore? 

 For the layout, I varied the photos by arranging them according to their lighting – spreading the light and the dark equally, so that it would look more balance and not as concentrated in one area.

2D | “Forrest Gump” Final

Hey guys!

After experimenting with different styles and arrangement, and with my upmost best on trying to not making the image look too “clean”, here are my final four compositions.


As the quote says – “We’re all mad here”, it reminded me about a cult, trapped in a small compact area which makes me feel claustrophobic, unpleasant and distressed. My main focus was – how do I make the viewers feel uncomfortable while looking at my artwork?

The girl with the “glowing” cat eyes is the perfect fit as she seems to be looking right at you and straight into your soul. In order to amplify the feeling of uneasiness, I duplicated the girls to mimic a cult and placed them close to one another to give a claustrophobic feeling. With the similarity of the girls, it gives an illusion of a group, as if they belong together. They all looks as though they are in a trance because the girls are looking at the same direction. By placing them behind one another, it gives depth and it seems as though they are “queueing”, waiting to get you – this is hoping to make the viewer feel anxious and overwhelmed. The hand at the front causes them to look trapped in the artwork, it also implies “connection”, as if they are trying to connect to the outside world. To enhance the hypnotising feeling, I placed an optical illusion image as the backdrop hoping to be able to entrance the viewers into the artwork.

Principle of Designs

Unity/Harmony: Repetition of the girl is being used to give a claustrophobic feeling. Perspective is used by placing the girls behind one another to show depth.
Similarity/Contrast: The duplication of the girls make it seem as though they are a group, which I hope to show it as a cult. The foreground and background elements vary in textures, thus giving a contrasting effect.
Balance: Symmetry makes the entire composition looks organised which gives off a hypnotising feeling.



The human world is a mess. Society has created an image that we all must be. Be it your sexual orientation, your body shape, your looks or even your clothes. We all must be what society views as “normal”. If you’re not, it seems like you’re shunned from society. Why is society so afraid of a little difference? It seems as though the society is trying to mold every human being into its own little puppets; tying the strings to your arms and legs, and surgically removing your personality until you’re a mindless and opinion-less puppet. As if trying to create a human artificially.

The society controls us all, and we begin to lose our own identity. We’re like a marionette display, waiting to be controlled and manipulated puppeteer.

Principle of Designs

Unity/Harmony: Repetition is used to give a robotic stagnant vibe, as they are all the same. Perspective to show depth which gives a feeling of a “broad” sea, as though they are many more like them.
Similarity: The duplication make it seems as though they are all the same, which leads back to how society causes us to lose our identity and mold us into their desired beings.
Scale/Proportion: Scale of the girl is used to give an illusion of depth, as if you are there witnessing the scene.


Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? It was said by the Queen, who wants to be the fairest lady on the planet, and from that, vanity, obsession, beauty standards rises up the surface.

Our constant obsession with our appearance is affecting everyone. How much does your self-worth and self-confidence depend on your physical appearance? Do you only feel good about yourself when you feel pretty? Why do we care so much about our appearance? It is because other people opinions and judgement matters. We feel better about ourselves when we look better because we feel like others perceive us better. We want others to accept us and we think the only way they will do so is if they think we adhere to standards of beauty in society.

I tried to exaggerate how serious the beauty standards in our society is by morphing the woman’s face into a skull, to show that although they may look pretty on the outside, but they are dying in the inside. However, they still have to keep up with the facade in order to be perceive as “pretty”. The flowers around her is to represent the beauty standards of the society, and how they are overwhelming her.

Principle of Designs

Hierarchy: The woman is more dominant in the composition due to it’s scale, followed by the flowers.
Balance: Elements are arranged in a circular form which gives an invisible line of sight.
Similarity/Contrast: Even though the flowers in the image are placed at different positions, it still made them seem like a whole due to their similarity.



Beauty is a funny thing. The vast majority of us spend a lot of time focused on the external appearance – arguably, with the goal of looking more “beautiful.” But what does it really mean to be beautiful? Where can it be found? I can assure you, it isn’t hidden in the words of any beauty, numbers or shape. Beauty is what lies within you. Real, natural, strong and powerful beauty comes from within. It blossoms like a rose in spring and an alluring, captivating spirit cannot be contained.

The heart belongs to the girl who in the gramophone and I wanted to exaggerate the term “found within” by putting the girl into the gramophone, as if searching deep down for something. She may have went through many ups and downs and may be kinda broken on the outside, but she is trying to find her own beauty, deep inside her. Flowers which are used to represent her beauty are flowing out and she may have found her “beauty” one point or another. Everyone will be able to find theirs one day,

As the saying goes – “Do not judge the book by it’s cover”. One may look all broken and torn up on the outside, but deep inside, holds something special and beautiful waiting to be unleashed.

Principle of Designs

Balance: This composition is asymmetrical, yet it still looks balanced due to the scale of the gramophone which contains the flowers and the heart. Hence, providing an invisible radical line of sight due to the arrangement of elements. It starts from the girl, down to the gramophone and to the heart.
Similarity/Contrast: The type of lines used on the girl is different from the flowers, gramophone and the heart. The variation of lines gives a contrasting effect and allows the girl to stand out. 


Honestly, the favourite part of this project is the silkscreening! I really loveeeee it though it was quite tedious. The most important thing that I’ve taken away from this project is, to be more decisive. Even though only four compositions is needed for the submission, there are ENDLESS interpretations. However, I am glad I managed to come up with the compositions that I’m satisfied with. 

The most difficult part of this project is trying to not make the composition symmetrical, neat and CLEAN. Being too minimal has always been my issue since I started studying design as it always make my work look too balance, boring and not dynamic. I’m not really a fan of adding background to my graphics and therefore I found that adding textures to my composition was a challenge. However, I guess I’ve found a new love on asymmetrical designs and gritty background textures, (I love the threshold effect). 

Shirley mostly commented on my work saying it’s too clean, and minimal, which makes it look flat and less dynamic. Now I understand what she meant. And I will definitely try to practice making my work look less symmetrical (ok maybe offset a little?), and have more textures. 

This marks the end of Project 2: Forrest Gump. It was fun. 

2D | “Forrest Gump” Silkscreen


It’s silkscreen time! It’s my first time doing silkscreen and I’m sooooooooo exicted. The process is kinda tedious but nevertheless, it was still cool.

Here’s the new composition for “We’re all mad here.” , as Shirley suggested to flip the image upside down.


I’ll be printing this composition on my tote bag, so here’s my progress pic! 





Some super cool gun which was really noisy.


Tada it clean up nicely!


My first few trials on silkscreening on paper. 


Just gonna yolo and print it on the tote bag! It’s kinda dark because I went over it twice as the paint didn’t manage to get onto some area the first time 🙁 The quote didn’t come out nicely too 🙁 But it’s okay now I know what I should do and should not do!

I hope that we’ll get a chance to silkscreen again in the future. Though the process was quite tedious, but it felt nice after seeing the outcome of your work. This was fun 🙂

2D | “Forrest Gump” I

Hi guys!

So here are the first series of compositions that I’ve done. Ms Shirley’s overall comment was that I needed more “texture” in my compositions as it’s too clean. This is quite a challenge for me as I prefer my work to be clean and neat, but I could say that this experimentation was fun for me! There’s a few variations for a movie quote as I’m indecisive like this hahahaha.



“We’re all mad here.” – Alice in the Wonderland 2010

For this composition, I wanted to give a kind of “in-a-trance”, hypnotising feeling. Therefore, I decided to duplicate the girl with cat eyes as it gives of a “looking into your soul” kind of vibe, if you know what I mean!? By duplicating it, I wanted to overwhelm the viewer by giving them a claustrophobic feeling.


“We’re all mad here.” – Alice in the Wonderland 2010

Shirley preferred this composition as it’s more interesting and suggested that maybe I could try to flip it upside down and see if it’s more mysterious that way?


“The human world is a mess.” – The Little Mermaid 1989

For this composition, I wanted to show society is so selfish and self-centered, and not wanting others to succeed. When we put our vulnerable selves out there to the world, there are some who still tries to sabotage your situation, or clip off your wings.



“The human world is a mess.” – The Little Mermaid 1989

This composition shows the materialistic side of the world and how money makes the world go round. I decided to choose a domestic scenario of a wife ironing, and replaced it with dollar bills. To show how she revolves around money and she love it so much and even went to the extreme of ironing the bills. 


“The human world is a mess.” – The Little Mermaid 1989

For this composition, I wanted to show how some still has the mindset that women has to be a stay-at-home housewife while the men goes out to work. I want to show how housewives goes a bit crazy as they are not as connected to the outside world because most of the time they stayed at home. aI decided to show the “craziness” by showing her ironing her husband’s head as he is her whole life.


“The human world is a mess.” – The Little Mermaid 1989

This composition shows the two-sided facade of the society. As you can see, the bird and the woman is sitting on strings – which represents the society. The bird is talking animatedly to the woman but it’s legs has a pair of scissors and is ready to cut the line that the woman is sitting on. The bird is able to fly once the string is cut, but the woman will fall to her death. This shows how two-sided and twisted the human world is, people will tend to harm another for their own benefit. One wouldn’t stop till he/she gains what they wants. 
Shirley prefers this version as she said it gives a visual twist to it, however lacks mood and needs texture. She suggested to replace the human with something else, maybe an animal? As the human is represented by the two huge hand which is holding the string. 


“By royal command, every eligible maiden is to attend.” – Cinderella 1950

Even though fairytales always depicts the royal family in a positive light, I feel that it’s quite twisted in a way like how they hold a ball to find a suitable wife for the king/prince. It seems like a auction isn’t it? I wanted to show the ugly and greedy side of it by portraying the crown as a swimming pool, and is filled with women in their swimsuits. It’s not only the royalty who is painted in a negative light, the women here  are as well. They are trying their best to showcase their beauty in order to be chosen by the prince/king, hence are “benefitting” from the royals as they will gain the riches and the jewellery.

Shirley commented that she can’t tell the crown is swimming pool, unless I insert the handle leading to the pool. But do I really need to showcase girls? What can represent women here? Arrangement is right smack in the center, which gives a balance and static feel. Whats the mood I want so show?

This are the 3 movie quotes I have on hand now, I might be changing some of the quotes as I like to try out other compositions. So stay tune!