4D | “The Night Watch” Submission



18 x 11cm mounted on foam board

Artist Statement

All strange things happen at night, and we are strangers to the dark. We don’t quite explore it; we find ways to live around it, whereas for some, they guard the night while the city sleeps. The quietness and the mystery of the night, takes on a mystical charm which is so colourful, but also dark. We often forget the heroes who keeps us safe while we are at our most vulnerable. Find the unseen that is overlooked, bring forth and start appreciating.

Submission Layout

Dimensions: 18 x 11cm
Printed on matte paper and mounted on foam board

For “The Night Watch”, I decided to display my 30 shots in an exhibition layout to give a more impactful message to the audience as I felt it’s more direct and “interactive” than a book as viewers can get up and personal. The extensive amount of photos shows how well protected our country is at night, due to the security guards we have. This project has only covered a small part of the west side of Singapore and it has so much security, imagine the amount of guards we have for the whole Singapore? 

 For the layout, I varied the photos by arranging them according to their lighting – spreading the light and the dark equally, so that it would look more balance and not as concentrated in one area.

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