2D | Que Sera Final

Hi guys! Here are my final four submission pieces. Enjoy!






I feel that I can do better than this. But it’s okay, there’s always a next time! For this project, the best thing that I’ve brought away is the usage of the 3D tool in Illustrator. I’ve only been doing 3D stuff in 3Ds Max and never really explored the tool in Illustrator. But for this project, I simply just checked out the tool and o m g it works the same as my 3D software! I totally love it. Therefore for most of my pieces, I’ve used either the extrude/bevel tool or the revolve software.

The piece that I’m most satisfied with is – “The Baker”, it took awhile for me to figure out how this tool works but I finally got the right angle! However, the tool doesn’t work exactly like how I’m used to in my 3D software, which is able to help me outline the exterior of it, instead of it being just one solid colour. So… I had to manually trace out the outline. And I’m quite happy with the results!!

But. The thing that I felt could be improved would be the colours that I used. I realised that the colours I always go for are mostly blue, yellow and pink. And I would always go the analogous way. I should be much more daring and adventurous in my colours in the near future!

Comments from Shirley:

The Pirate: The pirate hat was a little too big and it overpowers the letter “N”, and also, the letter “G” wasn’t that obvious. As I’ve consulted her before, my initial idea for the hat was for it to be a mini hat hanging on the side of the character. But alas, I guess I forgot all about it 🙁 

The Baker: I could have enlarge the cake bigger, so that the details can be seen. And also, there really isn’t a need to have so many baking equipments in the foreground. Maybe 1 or 2 will do.

The Furniture Designer: She mentioned there really isn’t a need for me to show the “final” product of the furniture, as my main focus is just the assembling of the pieces.

The Chocolatier: The colours!! The browns were too similar in tones. But overall she felt this piece was the nicest among all :))

2D | Que Sara Ideation II

I discovered a new 3D tool which I’ve never touch or explore before in Illustrator! I’ve only done all my 3D stuff on 3Ds Max as I’m very familiar with the program, but now when I finally have the courage to explore more of Illustrator, o m g it does the same exact function as 3Ds Max! There’s like extrude, bevel and revolve tool. It’s REALLY cool.

Therefore, I tried the 3D tool on some of my works. Here’s some process of the typeface that I’ve done and tried! However, here are the ones that didn’t make it into my final piece. I tried to arrange as neatly as possible so to show the gradual change! Enjoy~

The Samurai
samurai-development-01 samurai-development-02 samurai-development-03 samurai-development-04 samurai-development-05 samurai-development-06

It’s my first time modifying/recreating a Chinese typeface and I found it really interesting! I tried to express the Samurai’s appearance, of it’s helmet which is famous for it’s horn-like structure, and the blades of it’s armour, and not forgetting, the Katana. 

I wanted to create a scenario with my Chinese name so I decided to have interact two of my characters. The 洁 (jie), will be the Samurai! Whereas the 玲 (ling), I’m sorry I gotta slice you into half. 

This idea was thrown away as I’m not exactly feeling it and honestly the entire thing looks damn noobish LOL. Also, I feel that I’m unable to portray the “slicing” motion that I wanted. And… This was a last minute idea (oops), I tried to wing it but it’s not working out nicely. I guess I should have started earlier so I’m able to explore more on this typeface? 

The Doctor

samurai-development-07 samurai-development-08 samurai-development-09 samurai-development-10 samurai-development-11


Introducing… my Blood Pack typeface! I never knew I would have so much fun creating my own typeface, it’s to the point that it’s almost addictive. Seeing how you’re able to create the picture in your head on Illustrator is really a m a z i n g. 

This blood pack typeface took me quite awhile to create but in the end… it didn’t make it into my final work. It may look simple to create in on Illustrator but I guess it took me quite a long time as I was experimenting other effects on it? As usual, I used the extrude & bevel tool on this, and added some shadows on it to make it look more 3D. However, once I’m done doing this, I realised that it doesn’t look as realistic as I wanted to be. And it doesn’t really portray the occupation Doctor that much. The main idea was to show blood packs and the blood flowing around, but I can’t simply get it right! I guess it’s the time constraint that I had? I should have managed my time better… Sadly, this blood pack typeface went into my rejection pile 🙁

That’s all for now! Do stay tune for the process of my final pieces.

2D | Que Sera Ideation I

Disclaimer: My sketches are all over the place so pardon me!!

Here’s the process after two weeks of consultation. And being an indecisive person, lets write down the occupation that I’m currently considering!

To make things easier for everyone, I shall cancel out the ones that I’ll least be doing (because idea rejected or it’s not gonna workkkk hahaha)

  • Baker / Pastry Chef
  • Chocolatier – Willy Wonka inspo!
  • Ninja / Samurai
  • Ice Cream Shop Owner
  • Fashion Designer (with my own label)
  • Surgeon, possibly brain or heart?
  • Doctor
  • Pirate! Aye aye captain.
  • Furniture Designer
  • Architect


Ideas Sketch #2: Fashion Designer, Baker / Pastry Chef, Cupcake Store Owner, Chocolatier

All this idea was rejected as Shirley mentioned I’m not doing as what the brief mentioned, as I’m only applying my name onto the object itself. *note taken* 


Ideas Sketch #2: Astronut, Random Cupcakes(?), Santa Claus, King


Ideas Sketch #3: Surgeon, Ninja, Architect


Ideas Sketch #4: Pirate, Surgeon, Architect


Ideas Sketch #5: Furniture Designer, Chocolatier, Doctor/Nurse, Ninja


Ideas Sketch #6: Matchmaker (really random)


Ideas Sketch #7: Samurai

That’s all for now!!

2D | Que Sera Research

I’m still in the festive mood but lets welcome the new semester with a Typography Project! When I first got the brief, which was to express your dream occupation with your name, I was really excited as I had many ideas in my head that I wanted to try. Alas, all the ideas that I wanted to try was rejected as it wasn’t exactly what the brief wants? As most of my ideas were applying my name onto the occupation, when it’s supposed to be applying the occupation onto the name! It’s a pity but it’s ok! Isn’t it time to brush up my typography skills which has been kinda rusty for the past 2 years?!

So, if you know me well enough… my number one(!!) dream occupation is to be a baker or a pastry chef. And I’m still aspiring to be one, hoping that I’ll be able to open my own cafe in the future! But for now, I will just design for my living hahaha. Fun fact: my chinese name 洁玲 means agile (said by my parents), which I hope to be but I am clumsy as HELL. So my second dream job is to be a NINJA. Yea dressing in black and I’ll flying here and there and be like, now you see me… now you don’t. 

So far, those are the occupations that I had in mind, but for now, let me show you some of my inspo!










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Thats all for now, stay tune!!