3D | Chocolate Connoisseur

So.. since I came into Cheryl’s class a week later than the rest , so I only got to try two types of chocolates in the dark! What a pity. But anyways, last Friday’s class started off with a good note because I had chocolate for my breakfast!

I read an article which mentioned that we should eat chocolate for breakfast! According to science, it helps us boost our brain power in the morning – really important because most of us are 90% a walking zombie in the morning. And also, the best part is, it will help in losing weight because it gives a jump start to our metabolism!!! And the reason is as simple as, a sweet treat in the morning will satisfy our sweet tooth keep us from craving carbs and sugar all day. This is what I NEED! But it’s kinda ball-sy to try this out because I gain weight really easily… so when I have the guts to try having a chocolate to kick start my morning and if I see any results, I will let you guys know hahaha.

Ok enough of all those talk. Here’s my analysis for overall experience with the two chocolates I had!

Chocolate A


This chocolate came in block form, in an aluminium foil packaging. After breaking off a part of it, the chocolate is square-ish, has a smooth texture but doesn’t feel glossy, more of a matte surface? The scent… felt really good. How do you describe a scent that makes you feel all warm and cozy? It felt like it had warm my soul throat, as if it’s my only source of warmth in a winter night. I was also sure that there’s a really high percentage of cocoa in it as I could smell the bitterness of the chocolate with a hint of sweetness.

Upon placing the chocolate in my mouth, I was first met with a hint of sweetness, not too sweet and was later it became the familiar bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolate (which I LOVE). However, my brain and tastebud seems to get a bit confused, and it went into sort of a “panic” state as my tastebuds seems to register… spiciness? At that time, I was like “WHAT AM I EATING, CHOCOLATE OR SPICE?” The spice really reminded me of the black chai tea. It started of with a bit of spiciness but it became even spicier as I get further into the core of the chocolate. The chocolate melts really slowly though, as it took quite awhile for it to completely dissolve in my mouth, which I found it quite common for dark chocolate, as compared to milk/white chocolate which melts a little faster.

The spiciness lingered in my mouth, with a slight bittersweet aftertaste. Overall, I had a good experience (well awesome one) as I’ve never tried a spicy chocolate before. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I ended up wanting more. I guess the closest “spicy” chocolate I had was a dark chocolate liqueur?

Chocolate B


This chocolate comes in its own individual wrapper, and after tearing it open, it’s a circular chocolate, it’s smooth – probably a glossy surface with some designs on it. I smelled it and I’m sure this has a lesser percentage of cocoa in it, and has more milk compared to Chocolate A. It smells sweet, with a hint of bitterness. After holding it in my hand for awhile, I could feel it slightly melting.

Upon placing it into my mouth, it started melting almost immediately, I tasted sweetness first, followed by a hint of bitterness in it, but the sweetness came back to my tastebuds again. Soon, the chocolate became a thick, bittersweet smooth texture. Though there’s a bittersweet taste for Chocolate B, it was sweeter than Chocolate A. I felt that the sweetness overpowered the bitterness more and from this, I could deduce there’s a lesser percentage of cocoa in it, and more milk was used in this chocolate. This chocolate melts really quickly and I wasn’t able to savour and experience the texture of it. But all I could remember was the sweetness of the chocolate, with hint of bitterness trapped in it. The bitterness and sweetness varies in intervals but in all in all, I could taste the sweetness more.

This chocolate however, left a slightly sour aftertaste with a little of bitterness and sweetness. I felt this chocolate is suitable for those who likes dark chocolate, yet do not really fancy the real bitterness of it. For me, this experience was ok as it tasted like any other chocolates I had and it wasn’t as memorable as Chocolate A.

All in all, I personally prefer Chocolate A, as I’m a dark chocolate lover myself. But maybe, the spiciness level could tone down a little hehe.