Week 8

Since my first time watching my work on the media wall, I wanted to slow things down and to make my work more sequential. As a result, I did the following:

Reduce grain size

Make grain and noise black and white

Re-sequence the work to make it more obscured and mysterious.

I also decided to add music. All along, I wanted to use techno / Drum and Bass, because it fit the whole experimental and noisy look for the video and it’s about fading into obscurity within the universe. I’m glad I managed to find something on FREEMUSICARCHIVE.org.


You can view the work here!!

Quantum Bodies : Examination of the grain and the molecular

On the level of the body, quantum mechanics explore the subatomic levels of the molecules within the human body.

I want to juxtapose the seeable with the unseeable, the body and the wave. Using the body as a symbol to create the wave itself, this entanglement of waves creates the visual paradox of the human body illustrating a non-physical concept such as light and wave.

This was my first run.

This is my second edit

I used the green screen from the mocap room to keylight my body and to tile the body to fit a terrain-like landscape. The movement of the body shows the multiplicities of molecular movement. The human body that moves alongside the terrain accentuates the body slowly melting away into the universe, being one with the subatomic.