Thoughts about Emergent visions: Heidi Rae Coolie

Heidi Rae Coolie

Thoughts on the koi exhibition

  • App development functioning in conjunction with Geo-fencing technologies
  • Art piece to emulate human interaction and provide a platform for behavioural analysis
  • Interpretation and retrospective take on things like institutions and community and offer momentary insights
  • Perhaps even change habits
  • Discusses human interactions with one another
  • Reflective on habitual actions
  • finding, navigating and accessing
  • challenging conventions on human interaction and community.

Potential applications

  • Can be used as an application for therapeutic purposes. Eg. for people who have PTSD
  • Potential to talk about the different kinds of social structures
  • Humanitarian, ethnocentric. Etc. (Refer to JASSS study that was conducted)
  • Obstacle would be in generating the interest to interact
  • Instead, we could automate the process by translating human positioning and movement to generate art


  • why would people use this app instead of actually interacting?
  • Possible Answer: in offering proxies/avatars/analogies, helps facilitate alternative perspectives for self-reflection
  • Perhaps the app could be used to bring strangers together via the application.

Joejoe martin The Koi Pond

  • Large scale interactive installation light sculpture.
  • Does so with the use of projection mapping on a flat surface on the ground

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