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Final Project: Trapped

Construction: For the second phase of the project, I twisted two wires to reinforce its strength before taking a third wire and twisting it around the wire loops. The result is a slightly more rigid, yet flexible piece of metal that can be readjusted often to change the path, and hence the difficulty level of the game.

I tested the overall conductivity and found that it was acceptable, so I begun daisy chaining the wire circuit with a 9 volt battery. After testing the circuit again, I begun soldering everything together. I also added a piezo board to give players a feedback in the event that the wire loop made contact with the wire maze. I added a switch just as safety so that players can wear the suit and link with the maze before someone else switches it on.

The rationale behind the project became clear as soon as I was halfway involved in the construction. I toyed around with the idea of someone being trapped in a cage of his/her own making, while constrained to a path of someone else’s making.  Players engaged in traversing through the path will eventually come to the understanding that successfully passing through the gauntlet isn’t the end, and that we must all forge our own path. Yet we are compelled to define ourselves in the eyes of someone else by putting on a suit ( or an identity ) before playing this game.



EX 1-Be part of the art: Box


Project members: Nicholas Makoto, Maung Phyo Win Zaw

For our project, we decided  to take an ordinary card box box and cut four holes in it. We then place 4 water soluble markers and asked participant to put both hands in and draw on each other’s hands without looking at it.

The inspiration for our project came from the Whole glory art project, which took place at Covent garden at October 7-9, 2016. The idea would be to let celebrated tattoo artist Scott Campbell tattoo anyone’s arm so long as they place their hand into the respective receptacle. The only catch here is that the recipient does not have a say on which design goes onto their arm. However, the risk is offset by the fact that the tattoo will come free of charge.

In this version of the concept, our idea was to create a sense of discomfort. However, this experiment took an interesting turn when some of the participants were having a great deal of fun in drawing themselves. Others however, were very squeamish at the sensation of drawing on their arm. Nonetheless, we were able to document some of their attempts. Some of them were mere scribbles, while others have legible designs on them.