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Telematic stroll


Anam took a stroll near his place of residence, which was at Pioneer. On the other hand, I decided to take a trip to the Central Business District at Raffles Place as I typically enjoy strolling around the city lights. The initial idea was to have one of us draped, and use footage of that person in third person view. However, since the regulations was a little strict, we dropped the third person camera idea and did something more conventional, which was to juxtapose the city with the residential area, and try to match the perspective and movements together. For safety purposes, I made some directional changes to avoid the oncoming traffic. The end result were two distinctly different pathways.

Towards the midway point of the broadcasting, I tried as much as possible to match the perspective and overall vanishing point, and attempted some panning and tilting to give the illusion of continuing lines. There were some “serendipitous synchronicity” towards the end of the broadcasting, where both our streams led us to a nearby river. I initially tried to match the perspective of the railing, and eventually we got both skylines to match. The end result was a general sense of ambient architecture, and what differentiates the architectural landmarks between an urban space and residential space, even though the buildings are almost of the same height. One key difference was the lack of reflected lights in the residential space, though this may also be explained by the distance between the river and the background structures.

Anam’s route

My route