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Production Film Process

(above screenshots from Azizah’s phone)

First, each of us contribute a story that we would like to share. After which, we decided upon a story that mixed with our ideas and combined them into a storyline. Below is the storyboard that we had done. The above is our initial storyboard and as we go on shooting, we revised our storyboard  according to practicality and budget.

As our story revolves around a group of ‘peculiar’ students, we decided to look for animal masks. Some of my groupmates went to Daiso, halloween stores and the shops located along Bugis. We found masks that are as expensive as $25 for each mask. We were lucky to chance upon mask that cost $5 each and it looks legit.

One of the challenges that we had faced during the production of this film would be the weather. Some of our scenes are taken outdoors and due to the rainy weather in the past few days, our shooting got delayed. We took a lot of photos on several days, using 2 different cameras of different settings.

For my camera’s setting, it is with bright/normal lighting. I intend to edit it in Lightroom afterwards as I thought it would be less grainy to use normal lighting photos. Lightroom has helped me a lot in achieving the kind of color tone- overall ambience of my photo stills.

Left (Alina’s camera), right (Syadza’s camera)

We also took using Alina’s camera whereby her settings are set at much lower iso, to create dark, gloomy atmosphere. This is good too as it gives off the mood. However, it is too dark for my personal use and also need to be edited in Lightroom to adjust the exposure and the overall mood. I feel that it produce ‘grainy’ effect when adjusting the exposure due to the lack of light.

As for the production images, we took photos at different angles and vantage points.  This is because as a group, some of us may be using shots at different angles and thus, we need to work as a  team to help one another. Below are one scene that are being shot at different angles for our different usage.

Challenges that I faced individually would be the usage of Adobe Premiere. As this is the first time me using Premiere, I would always google for tutorials as I have a lot of ideas but I just do not know how to use the functions and tools in Premiere. For example the glitch effect, transitions, volume mixer, etc. As I get used to these tools, I find that it is quite easy to use and actually like this software. I might use this to edit my videos in future. In addition, the Premiere on my laptop is of another version and till now, I still unsure about the settings sequence. Hence, I decided to use Premiere in school’s lab throughout the whole editing.

Short Film : The Unspoken Suspicion

A girl,my best friend, whom I had lost in touch with ever since she transferred to another school. Her family moved to a secluded neighborhood and so she had to comply and transfer to the school within that area. This is the story that I came up with, in regards to her life journey after she has left my school…

Why did I choose this sound technique? 

It raises and built up tension, making the audience expecting something is about to happen. Exaggerated sound (eg. eating) makes the overall vibe seems unnatural and hence, creating a distorted/weird image which is intentional.