Sound A

The Dominant sound would be the Xylophone. This because it resonates and lingers afterwards. (as seen by the decreasing sound waves)

Whereas the Sub-dominant, rhythm stick, has a cleaner end. It does not lingers and quite straightforward. Hence the straight line(refer to the sound analysis).

The Sub-ordinate which is the zig zag block, has a ragged heavy sound that has a presence despite its lower pitch. 


Sound B

The Dominant sound would be the rhythm sticks. This because it holds a huge presence throughout the sound(as seen by the concentrated yellow lines) and makes up the whole base of the sound.

The Sub-dominant, zig-zag block, it frames the entire sound. However, unlike rhythm sticks, the pitch is much lower and it does not overwhelmed the entire sound. To show its presence, it has a ‘solo’ at the intro. The direction of which the zig-zag block going, was round and round.

The Sub-ordinate which is the xylophone,  lingers for a while. And only makes its presence every 3 sets of rhythm sticks.

Instruments used


Syadza’s moodbox

Please listen to Soundtrack A above while viewing the GIF below

This moodbox is based on Sound A.

Interpret Sound A as calming, airy and associate with pure/white.

The dominant element are the resonating bars. This resembles the flowy effect of the tissue papers – the sound resonates through the fluidity movement of tissue papers. This movement of fluidity happened throughout the music, hence, the tissue papers are the most prominent element in the moodbox.

Sub-dominant element which is the rhythm sticks, represents by the neat arrangement of the wooden chopsticks. The chopsticks have a clean straight lines, which resembles the sound wave of the rhythm sticks.

Sub-ordinate element would be the framing that holds the entire frame. The frame are sturdy and heavy, which replicates the heavy sound of the zig zag block. The white frame are not too thick as the zig zag block has a lower pitch and the flatness of the frame

Spacing arrangement of chopsticks can be widen, according to the rhythm. 

The Sub-Ordinate element can be further improved, and better represent.