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Just a heads up:
This project probably got too personal.

I knew I wanted to paint once my idea was planned out. It was then crucial to push the style and application to bring out my ideas. Even the simple change of paint application (impasto/high degree of finish/smudgy) can bring out a different mood.

And so I defer back to my all-time favourite painter –
Francis Bacon

Elements that inspired me

  1. Smudging of paint, muted colour with splashes of red or blue (creates bruised/damaged feeling)
    From the book Francis Bacon by Martin Hammer

    Often his portraits entraps the subject matter in a void, depicted by large planes of black. Evokes a sense of sadness and desperation, as though being trapped. The painting definitely isn’t totally representative, sometimes he distorts the figures till unrecognisable. The focus is more on the emotions and interpretations of the artist.

  2. Architectural elements that seem to further bring out the feeling of entrapment. Usually caged or empty rooms…
    IMG_0197 IMG_0198

Even simple lines can create different moods…. it depends on the composition.


The use of colours by Bacon can sometimes be quite muted and even dark and ominous. It appeals a lot to me especially for this project because I wanted to portray some relatively dark themes too.


Fun times.

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