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Kruger Inspiration



Prof Ina suggested I use red tape or something physical to play around in my works to make it more interesting. I was quite terrified to put tape on the paintings I had already done because it would be a 50-50 chance of great discovery or peeling paint off hours of work.

But hey the idea of red tape reminded me of Barbara Kruger’s works!  I could actually digitally edit red planes over my work to have more control, and even add text if I wanted to.

Kruger’s works are usually quite cryptic and makes the viewer question things. Focuses on current issues and often creates works with photography and bold text . Or at least that was how I felt about her works (and I love every bit of it) .







As you can see from the above examples, feminism is one of the commonly depicted themes. Usually red planes, white/black font on black and white images and looks like a ransom note of sorts.

I wanted to depict some sense of rebellion and challenging the norm kind of feeling, and Kruger was an important inspiration to me. The problem was that she used black and white images and this project was to focus on colours and how they worked together….


Guess its time to stare at the colour wheel and wonder what works.

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