This piece was created on Photoshop to represent Singapore’s “kiasu” culture. “Kiasu” refers to the grasping attitude many Singaporeans tend to have. Most of the time, we are always rushing to grab the opportunity to do anything at all. In this case, it is to get seats on the train. Yes, we do queue up while waiting for the train but once it arrives and the door opens, all hell breaks loose (especially during rush hours).

Pushing, squabbling, you name it. The opened mouths and random legs and hands represent that. “TSK“, I hear over and over again as people start getting irritated by one another. I used typefaces commonly used in old Dada posters as researched. Lastly, “majulah” as in the phrase “Majulah Singapura” meaning “Onward Singapore”. This “kiasu” culture is not the most admirable but will remain a part of Singapore’s culture today and onward.

This was how I made it:


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