Phone Dock x Speaker

Above are my initial sketches and ideation for my phone speaker “float” for pool parties which I had plan for. I was inspired by the images below. When I heard speakers, the first thought that came to my mind was party.

Image result for float    Image result for unicorn drink float

This was my first try-out mock-up:

The phone would be placed in the space in the centre. The measurements for this was so off. My phone could not even fit into it. It was also a little too square-ish for my liking. I learnt that I have to sand it more.

I divided the dock into 3 parts before piecing them together as seen in the image above. I used plastic-cut shapes which I pasted onto the foam to shape the different components into the rounded sort of shape (see below). The edges were soften through sanding.

My 2nd try:

I re-measured everything and it successfully held my phone in place. The edges are also much more rounded. If you did not notice, the design resembles the Nintendo Switch game console as seen below.

This was not intentional at all. My younger brother saw my foam piece and thought it resembled his game and sneakily coloured the whole thing with marker. *cries*

However, it dawned upon me that that idea was actually a good one. A game-console phone dock? You can play single or even multi-player games which would add to the party fun. Not only that, the joysticks are detachable which enables you to control the music anywhere you are in the area without having to lug around the whole dock.

Thus, I repainted and made the foam piece look a little more decent. Here’s the final look:


My ideas were bleak and very simplistic yet I did not change or improve them which I think was a big mistake for this project. I hope I will not bring forward this bad habit coming into project 2. Otherwise, I enjoyed the process of learning more about creating foam mock-ups.

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