2D Project 2- Forrest Gump Movie Quotes and Synopsis (UPDATES!!)

I have decided to change two of my movies including ” Adventure is out there!” , Up and ” Go, live your dream. ” , Tangled because i feel that there would be some difficulty in finding symbols for the quote. I would also like to think that the quotes that I ahve chosen may be easier for me to understand and easier to find symbols to represent them. Furhtermore, I also thought one of these quotes that is ” Congratulations San Francisso, you’ve ruined pizza!” from Inside Out to be more comical and I can find interesting ways to portray the quote which is also something that I am trying to explore in the theme of comical and whimsical.


“Keep moving forward”. – Lewis, Meet the Robinsons, 2007

This movie is about Lewis, an orphan who yearns to know how his mother looks like ever since he was being abandoned by her at the orphanage. He tries building a time machine so he could find the details about the reasons behind his abandonment, but all he does is keeping his roommate Goob awake and causing him to fall asleep during the most important Little League of his life. Despite Lewis’s effort, the time machine did not work at the science fair and made him give up on his interest in science. It was not until he met Wilburt Robinson, a time traveler from the future came to the past is after a man in a bowler hat who came to the past and plans to steal Lewis’s time machine. Wilburt also took Lewis to the future in order to prove that he is from the future, but the time machine broke down halfway as both Wilburt and Lewis started bickering in the time machine. Wilburt realised he needed Lewis’s help to fix the time machine and thus brought him to his house but kept his identity hidden from his family. The effort , however did not work as Lewis managed to see the future version of himself as a scientist and Wilburt’s father, who became angry at Wilburt. Lewis also learnt that the Bowler hat Guy was Goob who could not let go of the past and planned to steal the time machine to ruin Lewis’s future. Lewis then convinced him that he should let go of the past and keep moving forward just like how he did with his past inventions. The future Lewis also convinced him to fix the past so he could see his own better future. Lewis travelled back to the past as he managed to see what went wrong in the past by keeping Goob awake for his game and fixing what went wrong with his invention at the science fair. It was also at the science fair that he managed to see his parents and was adopted by them.


“I don’t like food. I love it”. – Anton Ego, Ratatouille, 2007

A rat named Remy who has a gift of both taste and smell, is very particular with what he eats even as an identity of a rat. His brother was impresssed but his father could care less as he used Remy’s gift to idenify any poison in the foods they have stolen. However, Remy wanted to put his gift into good use as he is tired of the rats stealing food and making him sniff those food to identify whether the food is poisoned or not. Thus, Remy climbed into an old woman’s house and saw an advertisement about how this famous food critic, Anton Ego gave less than five stars to this famous retaurant that belongs to chef Gusteau. Thus, ever since the ratings of his restaurant dropped, Chef Gusteau became heartbroken and died. It was not until Remy entered into his restaurant in Paris who hallucinated that the illustration of Chef Gusteau from the cookbook which he stole from the old lady’s house, was talking to him.

In the restaurant, Remy spotted Linghuini, the garbage boy in the kitchen , knocked over the pot of soup and mixed a couple of ingredients into the soup to cover his mistake. Knowing the combination of those ingredients were wrong, Remy started to come in and added his own ingredients into the soup. The soup was then served and praised by the customer but the head chef, Skinner was angry as he knew that Linghuini actually messed up the ingredients for the soup. Both Linghuini and Remy decided to work together to create the soup which every customer wanted after Linghuini knew that Remy was able to control his actions like a puppet. Remy was able to teach him how to cook and this made he resaurant to become very successful. Furthermore, after knowing that he is the son of Chef Gusteau, he became the head chef of the restaurant and this made the previous head chef to be kicked out.

After knowing how sccessful the restaurant is, Anton Ego vowed to return there so he could see what made the restaurant so successful as he told Linghuini during the press conference he would be at the restaurant the next night for the review. Growing arrogant, Linghuini decided to work without Remy’s help. Remy then arranged on one night to have all of his rats to steal foods from the kitchen. Linghuini finds out and chased Remy out of the kitchen. The next day, Anton Ego arrived and told the waiter to tell Linghuini to serve whatever he dares to serve him as he is eager to see Linghuini’s downfall. Fortunately, Remy came to Linghuini’s rescue after being freed from Skinner’s trap and managed to cook the ideal main course for Anton Ego. Eventually, this made Anton Ego to give good reviews about the restaurant. However, the restaurant was closed down because of the presence of rats, but Linghuini managed to open his own restaurant with Remy helping him and Anton Ego becoming his patron customer.


“Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore. ” – Elsa, Frozen , 2013

This movie revolves around the relationship between two sisters who are princesses of the kingdom of Arendalle. The two sisters namely, Anna and Elsa shared a very good relationship for each other when they were kids. However, it was not until Elsa, the older sister accidentally freezes Anna’s head while she is using her powers to create a winter wonderland. Anna was then sent by her parents to the trolls so she could be healed by them but this just made her to forget the fact that Elsa has magical freezing powers. After the event, Elsa is kept away from Anna so she would not hurt her again, and in the years of separation that follow, their relationship starts to drift apart.

When Elsa comes of age, it istime for her coronation. During the course of the festivites, Anna falls in love with and is engaged with a prince,Prince Hans. Elsa, however, refused to give Anna her blessings as she thinks that it was a rash decision that Anna has made. Anna then started to argue with Elsa but also accidentally made Elsa reveal her powers infront pf everyone. Elsa then started to lose self control and freezes the entire kingdom. Despite having lost control, instead of regaining her self composure, she has decided to reveal her powers instead and acknowledging her failure to control her powers by singing the song “Let it go”.

Anna decides to bring Elsa back to the castle, hoping she could end the eternal winter land but when she met Elsa in her ice castle, Elsa still fears of bringing harm to Anna. She also became angry and ended up freezing Anna’s heart.

Anna is then rushed back to the kingdon hoping that Price Hans can perform the act of true love who could melt her heart. However, it turned out that Prince Hans was only after the throne of Arendalle, not Anna. Hans imprisoned Elsa but she escaped. Hans chased after her and Anna sees that he was about to kill her, she managed to defend Elsa but she was frozen.

Elsa was heartbroken and as she grieved over Anna, Anna begab to melt because of her sacrificial act of true love as a sister.


” Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza!” – Anger, Inside Out, 2015

This movie talks about how four emotions, named Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger would control the characters, actions and thoughts of this girl named Riley, from birth to her pre teenage years.
At first, Joy thought that she would be the only emotion in Riley’ mind and she coud bring happiness to her. However, as Sadness came in, this causes a conflict between them as Joy keeps preventing Sadness from controlling Riley’s mind. When Riley moved on to her pre teen years, she moved to San Francissco with her family but this caused her to be discomfort as she is facing a change in her life. Joy, however, would still want to spread happiness for Riley but the other emotions still remain intact with how discomfort Riley is in San Francissco.

Despite wanting to give happiness to Riley, Sadness would always get into Joy’s way of spreading happiness to Riley. This is shown when Sadness touched one of Riley’s core memories, all of her other core memories fell off ther slots. Joy scrambled to pick them up but she ended up being sucked out of the command center and marooned in the wilds of Riley’s mind. Thus, leaving the other emotions at the command center to control Riley’s thoughts, actions and her character which eventually lead to a chaos as Riley ended up running away from home.

While the other emotions were still figuring out on how to control Riley’s mind and actions, Joy and Sadness were figuring out a way on how to get back to the command center. They met Riley’s imaginary friend Bing Bong whom they believe would lead them to the Train og Thought which could help get them back to the command center. Unfortunately , due to Bing Bong’s unreliability, Joy and Sadness missed the train.

It was during this point that Sadness comforted Bing Bong and this shocked Joy that Sadness was there to help make people feel better.

Meanwhile the other emotions were still in chaos in controlling Riley’s emotions which then causes her to lose her personality and to run away from home. Meanwhile, Joy and Bing Bong failed to get into the command center as they were in the memory dump and Bing Bong starts to fade into forgetfulness.

In order for the trolley to move so that Joy could escape from the dump, Bing Bong has decided to stay in the dump and remain forgotten. Joy managed to escape the dump and together with Sadness, both rushed back to the command center to restore the core memories and managed to get Riley to return home.

After Riley reunited with her parents, Joy and Sadness decided to work together so they could create a new core memory combining both sadness and happiness.

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