Week 01: Drawing Materials & Artist Inspirations

Drawing Materials

My drawing materials
  1. Thin erasers for precise erasing (e.g creating highlights)
  2. Pens, 0.3 & 1.0, for line work
  3. Brush pens for quick defining of shadows
  4. A6 Sketchbook, portable
  5. A4 Sketchbook
  6. A4 tinted paper, for addition of white highlights when drawing
  7. Colour pencils to add in yellow/white highlights
  8. Copic markers for shading/ accents
  9. Sanguine oil pencil for drawing with a vintage-orange look
  10. Graphite pencils for sketching

Artist Inspirations

The first artist I would like to learn from is Justin Maas, he does realistic portraits of celebrities graphite and white colour pencils/ chalk (mainly for highlights). This is something I would like to incorporate into my drawings, but mostly for renders, as it gives the final art work more tonal contrast and three dimensionality.

Artwork by Justin Maas
Artwork by Justin Maas
Artwork by Justin Maas

Another artist I am looking at is Kim Jung-Gi, he has a mastery over the human anatomy and is able to draw them at any perceived angle, skipping the sketching phase entirely and jumping straight into inking. There is a reason for every line/ brush stroke in his artwork, be it to accentuate the cheekbones or to create shadows beneath the eyes. Improving my understanding of the human anatomy is something I would wish to be able to do in the long-run.

Artwork by Kim Jung-Gi
Artwork by Kim Jung-Gi

Drawing hair using a comic-style.

Artwork by Kim Jung-Gi

Using colour for highlights.

Artwork by Kim Jung-Gi
Artwork by Kim Jung-Gi

I am also looking at figure drawing artists such as Erik Gist and Jeffrey Watts. Being able to bring out the subject’s cheek bones, jawline, brow ridge and other facial features with just a few strokes is something I would like to be able to master.

Artwork by Erik Gist