Project 3 – Animatics (Part III)

Link to Part II (Storyboards)

Project 3 – Image Sequence (Storyboards)

A Turtle’s Journey

“A baby turtle born with an abnormally large shell has to reach the water before it’s too late.”


All assets were created in Photoshop and then put together in Premiere Pro.

Pedestal Shot

Elements that needed to be interacted with were created in separate layers and then composited in Premiere Pro. Below is an example of 5 elements which were composited in one shot.

Compositing – 01 BG layer
Compositing – 02 Turtle layer
Compositing – 03 Trail layer
Compositing – 04 Shadow layer
Compositing – 05 FG layer

Example of different frames in a particular shot.

Different frames in a shot

Water was animated by looping two frames.  The ripples in the water had to coincide with the previous frame to make them seem like they are moving. The white reflected lights were re-drawn at roughly the same position as the previous frame to give it slight motion.

‘Water’ frames

Wide shots were used in my film to portray two things:

  • How small the turtle is as compared to its environment.
  • How far/ close the turtle is to its goal.

Wide Shot 02
Wide Shot 03


  • Add a little music, to enhance emotion/ dramatic effect.


My animatics followed my storyboards very closely, in terms of compositions, angles, etc. Hence, storyboards have to be done well so that creating the animatics will be easier.

It will take a lot of timeif you follow the storyboards to create your animatics,  realise that the angle doesn’t seem right, then scrap everything and re-do the entire scene.









Sequel coming soon…










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