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Nerd Eye

So for my assignment, I’ve decided to create the penultimate in looking glass technology. I’ve decided to hot glue all 6 pairs of glasses.

I also decided to experiment with the idea of warping someone’s line of sight as I realized that adding additional lenses wasn’t entirely going to increase the overall degrees. It was more of the individual curvature that was affecting the sharpness of the image.

I then decided to pull apart a pair of binoculars and pull out a prism, then experimented with turning the individual pieces laterally to manipulate the depth perception. I created a circular rig around the two prisms and attached it to two different steel hooks. The hardest part was in keeping the lens from sliding down, so they had to be kept tension  before I started gluing them together.

Once that was done, I hooked them up to a plastic glass frame, and added a pair of double convex lenses, but only to act as a polarizing filter. The types of lenses used were optical inserts, old discarded spectacles and binocular lenses.

If there is anything that could be improved, It would be the overall weight, or the way that it is mounted on the user’s eye. Since it’s a little too heavy to be worn for extended periods, a better way to wear it would be to strap it on a pair of goggles bound together with elastic leather straps.