Exercise 1. The Portrait

For this class’s first exercise, I took a portrait of my friend at Jurong lake gardens. I decided to capture the etherial, airier quality photograph, the mildly hilly area is covered in a sea of lalang and tall grass tufts, making the perfect dreamy backdrop for a portrait.  The sunny afternoon sun shining directly onto the subject, the silhouette cast a distinct, hard shadow on the subject’s face.



Camera Setting  – ISO 200, f/5.6 1/640s


Screenshot of Layers:

Post Processes – I removed some of the hair strands covering on her face and removed all the pimples and blemishes. The most challenging part of the this exercise is to even out the skin tone and texture in order to achieve the natural skin looks. I did some minor adjustment to remove the harsh shadow and brighten up her face to even out the skin tone.

Google Drive link to .psd file: