Group Members: Vanessa, Sammi

Idea #1: String sculpture

Aim: To show interconnectedness between different genres

Gather books from different categories like Art History, Graphic Design etc. Each of them would be represented by different colours. E.g. Red for art history. Then we will create this string structure of the colours of rainbow and they will converge at a point. At the converged point, it would be a book that best represent all of them. Since the world that we live in is interconnected and the library is a place of knowledge we hope to represent how the different categories of books are connected to one another.


Idea #2: Tree of knowledge

Aim: To show a contradiction between the idea of books being an object of knowledge or object of waste and it’s all dependant on us (library visitors) giving them their function.

Books can be a form of knowledge. However, nowadays, fewer people are turning to books in the libraries to gain knowledge. This was a phenomenon we noticed in the ADM library, where no one was looking through the shelves of books anymore. Thus, the books become waste. Even though the object itself does not change, because of the way we use it, the function of it changes.


Product: To create a tree using book pages. Contradicts between the tree of knowledge and the idea of trees being cut down for paper.

Possible locations:

We propose using the stand as the tree base








Idea #3: Cozy Corner

Aim: To make the beanbag area a more comfortable and relaxed place

Description: We realised that many students go to the ADM library to take a nap or relax on the beanbags provided. We wish to make this experience more comfortable by providing eye masks and creating a relaxing soundtrack for them to listen to as they nap. (eg: ASMR)