In a world where everyone is exactly the same, how will Pete figure out a way to embrace his difference?


In this town, everyone is made out of a cookie cutter, mass produced in a factory. Their faces, sizes, houses, even down to the way the chocolate chips are placed, are exact clones of one another.


Pete, a quiet and young cookie is the only different one. During production, someone mistakenly put M&M chips instead of chocolate chips in Pete. Bullied for his abnormality, Pete wants to change and become the same as everyone else. He embarks on a journey to seek his creator, hoping to correct his mistake. On his journey, he encounters people just like him: different, a “mistake”. Yet, they do not seem to mind their imperfections, but rather, are proud of it. Through these people, Pete learns not to be afraid of being different, but to embrace it.




Pete the Outcast

character-1Pete is an outcast in his town because of his difference. He does not like being different and wishes he was the same as everyone else. For this character, I superimposed a cookie over the head of the gingerbread man cookie cutter.


Other two characters (not related to the story):

Bryce the Bionic Man


This character was created to portray my take on future developments in technology. I think technology will continue to advance and we will eventually be so reliant on technology that the virtual reality will soon become our reality. Technology will also be embedded into our body where we can project holograms through our arms. I superimposed the VR glasses over his eyes and substituted the left side of his body with robotic parts. The holographic projection was also added.


Rick the Drunken


Rick is perpetually drunk. However, he does not drink to forget his sorrows, he drinks to simply experience the euphoric state of drunkenness. I decided to leave out the legs on Rick as I wanted it to look slightly strange to people to let them experience the way Rick sees things when he is drunk.


Final Thoughts:

When I received the project brief, I immediately wanted to portray an idea that I had lingering in my mind for a while. The Cookie Cutter Society is inspired by the term “cookie cutter house”, which means that the house looks exactly the same as neighbouring houses and does not have any unique characteristics. The idea behind the other two characters are separate from the story. I really enjoyed the process of creating this story and had fun creating the quirky, unrealistic characters.