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This was my first time doing stop motion and I enjoyed it! Although it was very tedious, having to make sure everything is in the right place and only moving a bit from the previous image, it was satisfying when the video came together. I like how stop motion opens up new possibilities and it was very fun to see that from my classmates’ stop motion videos.



After I got bored with studying and writing my essay, I decided to draw a character and then took a short nap. While asleep, my character came to life and found out that she had powers, using them to fold a crane. However, it turns out that the crane was not a friendly one and attacked her. So she ran away and had an idea: to use her powers and draw a sword in order to fight the crane.┬áJust as the girl held the sword, both the crane and the girl realised that I was about to wake up and hurriedly went back to their positions. After I woke, I saw the crane that I had not folded and the sword that appeared out of nowhere, which confused me. But I was half awake and didn’t think too much about it, instead going back to sleep.