In a world where everyone is exactly the same, how will Pete figure out a way to embrace his difference?

In this town, everyone is seemingly made out of a cookie cutter, as if they were mass produced. Their faces, sizes, houses, even down to the way the chocolate chips are placed, are exact clones of one another.

Pete, a quiet and young cookie is the only different one. During production, someone mistakenly put M&M chips instead of chocolate chips in Pete. Bullied for his abnormality, Pete wants to change and become the same as everyone else. He embarks on a journey to seek his creator, hoping to correct his mistake. On his journey, he encounters people just like him: different, a “mistake”. Yet, they do not seem to mind their imperfections, but rather, are proud of it. Through these people, Pete learns not to be afraid of being different, but to embrace it.


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I had a lot of fun with this project! Although it took a long time for me to create my first image, it went rather smoothly from there. I had to find an image of a gingerbread house that was taken in the angle that I wanted, then duplicate it and resize it to form a street of gingerbread houses. I also took a while trying to figure out how to create the road.

I am glad that the story is clear and easy to understand from my 5 images!