Some of the other photos that I took for the poster series. I ended up using a mirror image of one photo for the final poster with sleeping pills, and had to remove one pill as it was in the way of the text.



Initially, this was my first draft but many said that the image might be too straightforward and might instigate someone who is already having suicidal thoughts. Hence, I changed the images to be slightly more subtle.





Some inspiration for my telegram stickers:


After collecting data, I  decided that my infographic needed to have information, and helpful tips for a call to action. Hence, I categorised the data into 4 categories: Statistics, Causes, Warning Signs, and How to Help.





I started out with two ideas. The first one being a heartbeat, where it starts out beating fine, but slowly flatlines. This would indicate the death of the individual. I also tried putting in some information to visualise how it would look like but I didn’t like the outcome.

The second idea was using the umbrella as the main imagery, as a sign of shelter.  I also added the 4 categories but used placeholder text just to get a feel of the overall outcome. Michael commented that it might be better if there was a hand holding out the umbrella towards the other such that the act of reaching out is clearer.



For this draft, the word “shelter” seemed to be fighting for attention with the quote at the bottom “Reach out before they burn out”. Hence, I decided to take away “shelter” and also changed the shade under the umbrella to be a brighter ray of light to symbolise hope.