Attached // Detached

The Acquired Inability to get Things Right 

















Imagine not knowing how to go about solving a problem and having it dwell in your life.
Everyday and every moment would become a burden you carry on your back.
Time starts to not make sense and you exist in a void.


                                                                                               Time doesn’t matter anymore.

I have keepsakes of my family everywhere in my room and it makes me feel attached to my family somehow. I feel attached to the idea of my family
but I am detached from my actual family. The awkward distances, entanglement and tongue ties – I end up viewing them
(and especially my mother, since she’s a big influence on my life) from behind a screen almost. The inability for me to get past our history of turbulence in the family has left me in this weird limbo of a seemingly unsolvable problem.

Even today, it’s quite a challenge for me to resolve problems in relationships with people and I end up liking the idea of people instead of the actual people instead.
I have all I need to get out of this maze that I am stuck in and yet I am trapped in my own hesitations and worries.

Yellow flowers symbolise happiness, and yet they’re placed upside down in a jar of water.
I could get out of this but for some reason i’m walking in circles. 

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