Max Assignment #05 Colourful Pixel


jit.hue + random

This would apply the a layer of colour and when random are added it become ever changing effect.


I also play around with the rotation of output. Initially I wanted to achieve every 3 secs it will bang and rotation will appear however, I manage to make it with the ggate. Where I can control which side to bang. I also trying to increase the amount of pixel, but I did not mange to do, will try again next time.

Max Assignment #04 Obama face tracking


I uses this to control the overly of the image and also the video. I wanted to blend the image and my face as much as possible. I also found out that some lighting appear on my face would also effect the outcome. When I use a piece of paper to block it, it become more natural.


playing around with this because the effect literally presents how I feel towards max. I have been quitting max a lot of time ever since I work on this patch. It will reply some frame and creates the lagging effect.

Max Assignment #03 Photo Booth

sel done

In order to stop the repeating of command, onebang is added to only play once after its bang. Sel done is add to reset onebang after the whole clip is being played.

Message exportimage jpeg

This message was really simple however, it took me for about 1 hours to find out how it works. But it was really fulfilling that i manage to solve it my own!

When a person are in frame [if($i1>=3000) then bang) was to delay it for 3 seconds before it send bang to export the image.

Butterfly Effect(SuHwee & ZiFeng) Week 13 Milestone

This week we have to release the butterfly as they cannot be kept for too long. It was quite a sad moment as we have been taking care of them since they was a chrysalis (pupa) and to the moment they break through their chrysalis.

This butterfly was quite special as it did not leave the moment we open the lid. He stay with us for quite sometime and we manage to capture some good shots for documentation! We currently have release all out butterfly however, we have tried that the camera are able to track the movement of the butterfly.

By using cv.jit.blobs allow us to group the same colour together. We filter out the unwanted colour and track only black.  We will be using white background so that the butterfly colour stands out. Threshold are also set to set the rage wider ranging about 30.

We are able to the create some effect in react to the movement. However we still working on the effects. 

We also manage to make the field to look like grass by adding one more straight line title at an angle connected to the original line. We also explore the different jit.bfg noise provided and decide on noise.sparse.convolution. I also manage to adjust the position of the noise which makes the lines appear differently.

Next we will be working on the reaction of effects and also second part of our project, turning on/off fan or light bulb. Max will be send the output after the butterfly cross over and creates the reaction to icube X wireless to control the input of fan or light.

We have not yet decided which to go for but best scenarios is fan which will represents the butterfly effect best.




Narrative for Interaction Sharing – Old names of places in Singapore

Old, Common Names of Places in Singapore, and their Origins

I find that this is quite interesting, they has the locally name for the places with the dialects pronunciation. Dialect is something that is disappearing in Singapore, even myself I could not really speak my own dialect [Hokkian] fluently. What about our next generation?