LORE VII: In world of Noche


Every year, Hatanese will look forward to the fighting fish competition that happen in June. All of the youth ranging from age 10 to 28 would participate actively in this competition with their specially breed robotic fighting fish which will bring pride to their family. This fighting competition will place 2 fighting fish together, player will control and they will perform a fight which consist of bitting, tearing and stuns. The less damaged fish will be crowned as the winner and the fish that suffer most damage will obviously the loser. This competition will be air through out Hata Clan and the engaging part is Hatanese are able to place their bet on their favourable fish. After every match ended it became a huge topic which will lead them guessing for the top winner. Some past year winner get so popular that earn a display place in the centre of the city.

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LORE VI: In world of Noche


December 21, 1986 the day where Hata clan pronounce to be free from war and its the first year of their independence.

From than on they regards December 21 as a celebration day as well as a memorial day. A day that dedicated to the men and woman who was sacrificed in the War of Knight. A declared national holiday a parade will be held in the War Memorial Hall at 8.30am sharp when the sky start to get bright. All citizen are to gather around at open space at the community site where they will have a moment of silents together. A tradition has been passed down where each of them will bring a stalk of white roses to the streams or rivers letting the water carries their gratitude to the people who sacrifice. Skies will be dark during noon, there will be airshow which will produce coloured smoke that can be seen in the dark. This is a form that used to start the celebration for their independence.

Celebration will be held privately for family reunions, a forms of treasuring the time they have together. Fireworks that last for 15 min will take place at the central of the city. It also reminds everyone that life is short and being mindfulness about the present moment. Just like fireworks are exquisite but it only happen in seconds.

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LORE V: In world of Noche


After the War of Knight, Frankie Stanly decided to set strict rules to build Hata clan. He gather all survive judges and lawyers to deliberate the rules. From than a legal system form based on the Civil law.

In Hata civil law system, constitution is established enshrining the basic rights and duties as a referable system that serves as the primary source of law. Judges is the equalizers to investigate and establish the facts in the case by asking questions, assuring fair litigation regardless of the relative resources of the litigants. Lawyers will take on arguments based on the evidence the court finds. Courts are separate into constitutional courts, administrative courts and civil courts that composed special trained judicial officers.

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LORE IV: In world of Noche


Forms and material

Land in Noche are all separated by streams and rivers which cause big and small islands. Some have limited area to build houses, however they fully utilise the space creating adaptable designs. Home that can be adapt to different needs using interactive surface, modularity and kinetics materials.

A popular material was widely use is Nano-concrete. A combination of ultra-high-strength concrete and Carbon Nano tubes (CNTs) that create a strong material tension and compression resistance. Another advantage is it is a light weight material.

Minimalistic was the direction in Noche contemporary architecture. Strong linear elements using the most basic elements and essential quality.  The forms are usually inspired by the wave and nature organic shapes which create a form of relationship between the building and site. Moreover building structure will design specially according to their functionality.

With technologies advance more material are being explore and combine together. Until today, they still pushing their limits to upon different area to strive for improvements.

LORE III: In world of Noche

Structure of the Hata Clan

At the start of clan, it is made up for a group of people who are interrelated families. Hata clan first founded by Mozaka Hatch and soon elected to become the Chief of the clan for 40 years. After the War of Knight, Mozaka has been assassinate by the the commander of Knight Paul Marat. The second Chief now is Frankie Stanly who is been elected by all the commanders. Chief are responsible for daily civilian’s affairs and maintain the peace within the clan. He oversee most of the matters. Moreover secure the funding through various of ways like trading new inventions and agriculture.

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LORE II: In world of Noche

Detail of the set world of Noche.


In Clan of Jark

Freedom of movement is limited in the Clan of Jark. Others than military mobilisation permit, civilians must have a permits to travel around. They have the same transportation as Clan of Hata magnetic levitation where Hatanese share their inventions with them. Other information are unknown.

In Clan of Hata

There is only public transport available for all civilians, whereas only certain high ranked public servant of the clan has their own transport. They invented the magnetic levitation train that called Levitamagnetic, which connect them across the small island.  Levitamagnetic can go as fast as 400km/hr and stops at strategic areas which accessible for everyone. They do not have any maps or stations names to prevent any invaders to their clan, all Hatanese have been educated to memorise the stations.

As for public servant, they have a PAV (Personal Air Vehicle). Usually used when they are in a mission or for security purposes. Other information is top secret.

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LORE: In world of Noche

In world of Noche, the night is longer than the day. They have a total of 3 Hours day time due to a shift geographical reason after the War of Knight 30 years ago. Land in Noche are all separated by streams and rivers which cause big and small islands. After the War of Knight, the people work together to rebuild their lands and become really united despite they are from two different major clans: Jark and Hata.

However good time never last the tension between both clans is getting greater and greater as they could not come to a consensus view. Clan of Jark even declare they will start a war at anytime soon with their newly build weapons.

Characteristic of the clans

Clans of Jark – Stronger in chemical engineering developments and material technology.

Clans of Hata – Stronger in electronics mechanical developments and inventions

Current Situation

Clan of Jarknese started the war by dropping a chemical bomb that cause all the lights to stop working in Hata Clan. It than become complete darkness, nobody knows what chemical is that but they seem to plan this for a long time. Civilian in Hata are all in panic mood and cause a major upheaval. In Hata Clan few traitor was found trying to send over information to Jark.

In your position

Both of you are from Hata Clan and are the top powerful people that Hatanese support. The chief of your clan has order you to do something about the current situation. But before, that create your character and you have full control of it.

Please include: 1. Name 2. Appearance 3. Weapons 4. Attribute points