Telematic Stroll

Coincidentally, Makoto lives in the North-East while I stay in the west area. We started discussing by understanding each other’s area and decide to start from our block and end at hawker centre. Hawker centre is just like a centre point of each neighbourhood, it involved basic daily activity where we would get our daily products and food around the hawker centre area. We though that it would be interesting to juxtaposition and comparison.

Our plan of flow:
1. Start from 9th floor and showing the view outside.
2. Start walking from the long corridor to the end
3. Take stairs down to 5th floor
4. Start walking again to another end
5. Take stairs down to ground level and walk towards hawker center
6. Reached hawker centre and buy drinks together
7. Grab our lunch together
8. Mission accomplish!

In this telematic stroll is a journey between us going to grab our lunch. We started our stroll from the same level 9 on a HDB block, showing the our view first.

Makoto’s view from 9th floor in the Eastside.
My view from 9th floor in the westside.

We was actually quite nervous when we was about to go live. We run through again for our plan and here we go!

Indeed there was quite a few differences we spotted, Makoto’s block has a more angular shape while my block has a more rounded shape.

It is also bizarre that we are on the same level but in different place, like same same but different yet we was connected through the live stream.

One of the things I find it fascinating is the object that people place outside their corridors. Most of them are plantations, some are waste and they even dry their clothes outside. This reflected their trust in this neighbourhood to place their personal item which personally I don’t have this habit.

In comparison, I feel Makoto’s neighbours are more organise, lesser bulky object are placed outside in the corridor many are just plants. While my neighbours place many kinds of things like even mahjong table or boxes.

So when we though that our plan went smoothly, my side got delay. We initially wanted to talk to the seller but everything happen too quickly and there was a queue after me so end up I didn’t try to tell them we was on live.

It also interesting how different they place their item outside their stalls. Probably on Makoto’s side there is more demand on the tissue and lighters while for my side the sugar cane juice was in demand. They also dress in blue uniforms even though they are just a drink stall.

So we brought our usual drink together in different location. Next we need to buy for our lunch and unexpected situation came up. As I am vegetarian so there is only a few stalls selling vegetarian food. The usual stall then I like had finish selling their food and other 2 stalls are closed. OMG I panic a few moment.

Meanwhile in the east side their lunch time seems normal while in the west side it was crowded. Probably the east side people have a different lunch timing.

So I manage to found the one and only left vegetarian stall! We ordered our food together and Makoto manage to let the seller know that we was life streaming! She asked a few questions and seems like she was okay being on live too!

Another interesting factor was that my brother actually found me through my live stream! LOL. We was to meet in this hawker after my live stream but he could contact me cause I have switch to do not disturb mode. I was really amazed when he walk over to where I am.

In overall, I really like the advantage of combine streaming. You know that there is someone doing the same thing as you makes your journey to buy lunch differently! The feelings is funny just like we are going buy lunch together in school although we are in a separated location. Another point was that although Singapore is small but people staying in the East and West a slight difference from each other. From the object we have seen outside their corridor to their eating habits. So we have completed our mission!

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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