The open source is an outlet that goes against propriety models as discussed in Vaidhyanathan’s essay. Open source has always been the norm before propriety models came into the picture. Society began to get accustomed towards propriety models which overshadows open source. When copyright was introduced into propriety software, it stopped users from exploiting or copying information online. With such, companies could attain more wealth and power. However, when most things are made private, there would be a loss of creativity and innovation when communal creation, revision, criticism and adaptability are restricted. Additionally, when copyright comes into play, users are bound to be selfish with data being raised for the world to utilize. This leads to a delay of useful information or perhaps none at all. This sheds positive light onto the open source model. The open source model allows for new potentialities for collaborative research and peer-to-peer artistic production amplified by the network (Packer, Randall, Open Source Studio, IEEE Spectrum, 2015 Writing). It incorporates telecommunications, social media, digital storage capacities, cloud-based file directories, and virtual desktop space with room to move and roam beyond the physical world. When the model is non-propriety, people would be sincerer in their works, producing higher-quality products. On the downside, there is difficulty in getting society accustomed to this model given our egocentric human nature. In a world where economics is being put forth, working for something lesser than money is not appealing. Furthermore, there could be an issue on hackers given that it is an open software. In conclusion, both models are decent. It depends on the consumers purpose and way of utilizing the individual models.

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  1. Very good presentation of both sides of the issue. You captured very well the pros and cons of open source, and how it can be used creatively by artists. Besides the featured image, be sure and make your posts more visual, using images to help communicate ideas. And when you use references, be sure to quote with blockquotes. We will go over that in class this evening. Good work!

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