Forrest Gump- Process

I documented my design process and silkscreen process.

My final compositons will be documented in another post!


1. I am the king of the World - Titanic

The keywords that I extracted out is King and World.


For the first 2 compositions. I was being too literally the word king and world keep getting stuck in my head.

Then I came across this image. The mother is using her phone and the baby is placed on the floor. I thought it is ridiculous as technology is taking over the world.

Then  thought about it and I felt that it is true that technology is taking over our lives. Everyone owns a phone. In the past, people communicate by sending letters or talking face to face. But in the current society, we no longer need to do that.

Even for myself, I feel weird not bringing my phone out when me. Therefore, for my third and final layout I want to show technology, mainly phones taking over the world.

This is the composition I worked on before my final.I use hand, phone, world and the dialling symbol. Since the technology is taking over the world, the main subject is the phone, hence it is the biggest and the world is the smallest.


2. The human world is a mess - Little Mermaid

The keywords that I extracted out is human, world and mess.

I use octopus to represent the mess. Like the human world is being taken over by animals. I want the focus to be on the octopus. After doing my first composition, I felt the design do not have a main subject. Everything seems too overpowering. Therefore, I tried to enlarge the size of the octopus and reduce the size of the human world. However, I still feel that the design is a bit too messy.

For my the third layout, I tried to duplicate the subjects. And I create a focus by enlarging the centre octopus. Showing octopus taking over the human world. I like this layout, but I felt that it do not show the mess as there are too much negative space.



3. It's always tea time - Alice in the Wonderland

The keywords that I extracted out is tea and time.

This is one of the quotes that I struggled with. I felt that my design is too literal and simple.

I use teapot and clock to represent the 2 keywords. I felt that there is too much postive spaces. What I could do, is try to duplicate the subjects and add in more textures.



4. When will my reflection show who I am inside - Mulan

The keywords that I extracted out is reflection and inside.








This is my favourite quote. Mulan is a girl but she have to disgust herself as a man. When I thought of the I thought of using roses to represent female. For my first layout, I place the rose outside of the heart and I felt that it does not show the inner self.

Therefore my second composition, I tried placing the roses in the heart it self and I use wire burb to warp around the heart. It is to show the inner self begin trap and she could not reveal her real identity as a female. And the rose in her eyes shows how much she wish to reveal her identity.

I really like this layout, but I feel that the design was too symmetrical and that I could as some texture and emotion to the background.


I am very excited because the last time I did it was in poly. And I really enjoy it. However, what we did back then was slightly different.

After I have finalised with my final composition. The fun begins!

First, we had to print our design on 2 pieces of transparency. We each collected a silkscreen frame and a tote bag.

Then, we had to wash the frame to remove dusts. Next we have to coat our silkscreen with blue emulsion and put in the dryer until it drys.

Then we had to wash to off the unexposed part, I was so disappointed as my design got wash off and I had to redo another screen. I thought my design had many details and 18secs of exposing it not enough, so for my next screen I exposed it for 20secs. This time round everything got washed off. I was really worried as most of my classmates already had there screen exposed and I do not have time to redo another screen that day. I had to wait for the next week 🙁

I know I was behind time and I am also worried if the design got washed off again, I had to redo.  So the next lesson, I came to class prepared and I quickly went to coat the screen with emulsion.

After many tries, I finally got what I wanted. I am glad the details did not got washed off.

This is what my screen looks like after washing off the unexposed parts.

Now we move on the even scarier part, the test prints. I am very afraid the details will not be seen.

For my first trial, I applied too much ink and pressure. By the third print, I got the hang of it. Im glad it turned out better than what I expected.

And now I am ready to print on my tote bag!

The prints came out slightly lighter than on paper. I think it is because the bag absorbs more ink. However it still turn out good!

Yeah! It was a success! Thank you to my lovely classmates that helped my out in the silkscreen! 😀

I showed my family the tote bag and my sister wanted one too. So then the next lesson, I bought a extra tote bag and I printed it for her the next lesson. I felt that this tote bag turn out better and the ink was dark. However, the proportion is bit off as the bag is too big and the design seems smaller.


Time to say goodbye to my screen!

Mark Making (Experiment)

Second week of class, I experiment with the different techniques for mark making. Since we are free to bring/do whatever we want to create to express emotions.

Part 1 :

Here are some of the items I brought to class.

The first lesson of mark making, I do not really understand how line creates emotions. So I thought to myself, its ok, I’ll just do and see how thing goes along the way.

However, I am surprise things turn out pretty well.


The first tool I tried! I tear the strings into many smaller parts. After i apply a layer of ink over, I used the pressed machine and roll it over.

TADA! The end result!

The harsh and uncontrollable strokes reminds me of anger. I like the contrast in colours. It makes the work look more interesting.

I borrowed a thin string from my classmates. I dipped the string into ink and drag it in a up and down motion it begin to create some really fine lines on paper. I  am amazed by how it is able to create thin and thick lines and the same time. It kind of express anxiety or nervousness.

Bottle Caps

Made use of the side of a bottle cap to create the harsh strokes. It reminds me of anger too. The strokes are of different directions, which shows anger.

Next is the Leaves

There is a story behind how I got the leaves. Went to my aunt’s house for family gathering, their neighbours called the LTA to summon 3 of our cars. Thats a total of $210. So I went to pluck some leaves from the neighbours. I was lucky i wasn’t caught!

I dabbed the leaves into chinese ink and i pat in on the paper. I like how it creates the fine and thick lines on paper.

Cotton Pads

Wanted to show love in this print. I thought cotton pad would create a very soft effect. I pulled the cotton pads, to make it even more fragile and soft. After that i apply chinese ink on certain parts of the cotton pads and placed a another piece of paper over.

The end result! Seems like a very complicated love.

Bobby Pins

Used a bobby pin to create this effect. I thought it expressed fear/nervousness. The lines are wavy, which somehow express the uncontrollable emotion.

Lino Cut

I tried out lino cut. I craving out areas that i want it be in white. After that I apply a layer or paint over, and i placed it under the pressed machine. I like how I am able to archieve harsh and more define strokes.

This is what I experimented for the lesson, we continue the remaining process below!

Part 2:

After the first mark making experience, I have a clearer understanding of what I am supposed to do/archieve. I went home to research and define how each emotions feel to me. And I also tried using different kinds of medium to express different emotions.

Cotton Wool 

I saw some cotton wool lying on my desk. And I thought I could use it as a material since it has a very soft and fluffy texture.

I tried tearing the cotton wool to smaller pieces and pasting them in random postions,

When I see the end result, it reminds me of cotton candy! I really like the soft and fluffy texture. I guess I can improve on it by adding more dimension to it.


Painting without a brush. The Blow painting!

First i dilute the chinese ink with water, then i drop one end of the straw into the paint. Next, I tap the straw on the paper, leaving deposits of paint on the paint.

Once I have some paint on the paper, I started blowing through the straws in different directions. I really like this effect. I create different shades of black, to show contrast. Although it is a technique that we all know since young, it still creates very interesting and fun work!

I thought this work convey thrill or surprise to me.


Charcoal has a unique look and texture when applied to paper. The use of charcoal helps to bring out the moody and dull effect without looking to harsh.

I am a very cheerful and happy person. My life is always filled with colours and joy. I thought this work represents depression, as it is the total opposite of me. Life being very dull and empty.


I used little pressure on the paper to create the flow and smooth lines. Using the same lineweight so that lines will not be to outstanding and more helps to create a more soothing look.




The end result! There is no start or end to the work. I use a single line to complete this work.

After trying soothing lines. I thought why not i try using more pressure to create harsh lines. Using a sharpie marker without much ink left and some chinese ink for this work. I used hard pressure on the paper.  I held my marker in my fist to create more harsh lines. I also created some concentrated patches. 


I wanted to create texture in my work. I added wood glue and dye together. Then i used a paint brush to create harsh strokes. After it dry, I applied UHU glue on certain area where i want more texture.

I like how grainy/ rough texture when it dries. It adds more emotion to the work.

Bubbles & Straws

I saw some works on Pinterest and i really the effect of mixing ink with soap to create bubbles. So i created one of my own!

First, I used dyes mixed with soap and i blew bubbles into the mixture, I stop when the bubbles reached the edge of the palette.  I gently place a piece of paper on top of the bubbles. As the bubbles pop, they will leave marks on the paper.

After the first experiment, I tried to improve it, by blowing the bubbles on the paper itself. For the previous experiment, I used dye. The colour came out not as vibrant as I like it to be. So for this work, I tried mixing chinese ink with soap and dilute it with water. I then blew the individual bubbles on the paper itself. As the bubble pop, it creates the bursting effect.


I found a brush in to classroom, I took it. First i wet the brush and dipped it into the chinese ink. Then using a little strength to brush it in a up and down motion. I like how the wet brush smudge some area of the work.


I did wash it, and placed it back at the original position!


Paint Brush

I used paint brush that is soaked in ink and i splashed the ink onto the paper. Is kind of express surprise to me. Surprise is something that happen very sudden, be it good or bad surprise. However, I think i overdo the splashing of paints, that there is too many splashes of paint, that it is not a surprise anymore. I think I could improve it by adding a bigger splash of paint, to make it stand out from the rest.

Small Hand Held Massager

I used a small hand held massager to create the uneasiness emotion. I applied ink on the piece of paper and i switch on the massager, it vibrates and create the uneven lines.

It reminds me of uneasiness, like how I feel uneasy whenever I am with a group of people that I am not closed to. I do not feel comfortable with them. Like I am stuck in a awkward position.

I am pleasantly surprised that some of the mark making techniques turn out really well. I guess I will be using some of these works as my final emotions.

Overall, it was a fun experience!