Locale Zine: Project 2A (Little India)

For this assignment, I went to Little India. The areas covered are main Little India, Serangoon Road and Farrer Park. I visited Little India 3 times, once on a weekday and twice on a weekend. And I group the spaces according to how populated it was.

I found lots of interesting and unique things along the way. After visiting Little India, some of my thoughts and impression of Little India changed. I felt that the place is very colourful and vibrant. There is strong spice smell. And something that surprise me and change my perspective was that the people there are very friendly. I talked to some of the people and shop owners there,  they were very nice and. It is very different from what I imagine it to be.

I found lots of wall art in the streets. These wall arts are mainly the Indian culture. Like the lady making the garlands or the cow with henna prints printed on it.

Most of the shops in Little India are shophouses. They sell a widely range of items. Like fashion wear and food. All shop sells colourful and vibrant looking items. Like almost impossible to find any black, white or grey items.

One thing very interesting I noticed was that there are a lot of pigeons in Little India. It is like a mini bird park. They are mainly sitted  in a row and on top of the buildings. And I realised that the amount of birds goes according to how populated the area is. More populated areas, the more pigeons.

During the weekends, there are a lot of people gathering.  They are normally in groups of 3-4.

I have 2 imagination of the space. From my research, I found out that there are more pigeons in the populated areas. So i imagine it as the pigeons bring happiness and crowd to the space. For this idea what I intend to do is the merge like photography and illustration. Ill take photographs of the birds in the populated areas and draw henna prints on them. 

And the reason why I choose to draw henna prints on them is because henna is used for a happy occasion and is something more traditional. I thought is could represent happiness in this case.

For my next imagination, I intend to do like a full illustration of things in Little India. Then ill add henna prints to them. Some examples will be the fruits and vegetables.