Journey to the west


Our concept is greatly influenced by the kind of terrain that was on the Silk Road. The main terrains includes desert, mountainous region and ocean.

Choice of Colour 

We chose to work with black, gold and silver to match with our Silk Road theme and the architecture of Elphi. The tones that we are working on as more muted, which are generally calming to look at and demonstrate a subtle dance between scenes.

Art Direction

We wanted to match with the architectural design that is found in Elphi and using those elements to compose an abstract version of the terrains.


Story Board

First scene (Done by Yan Ran)

The fluidity of the silk portrays the smooth journey of Silk Road. The silk comes in from both sides, left and right, eventually meeting one another, shows the connection and cultural exchange between the East and West.

Second scene (Done by Yan Ran)

Desert scene portray details of the surface by using sand particles.

(Done by Jia Jun)

Third scene (Done by Jia Ying)

Third scene of ocean shows the wave by using the elements where we got inspiration from Elphi’s roof design.


*research and concept done as a group

* scenes will be composed using after effect (by Jia Ying and Jia Jun)


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  1. Dear Jia Ying, please consult with your team- if they can identify what each of you contributed to the project – as i need to start grading on the process.   You can upload me in person! on Tuesday However before the class ends ( week 14) i need to see each member contribution. The upload can be done separately or by one member – but it needs to identify contributions.

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