For the first assignment, we were to create typographic portraits by using initials that describe our future occupation.

I have lots of jobs in mind, however I narrow it down to 4 jobs which I thought will be more interesting to work with.

Maze Runner
Fish Expert



I found several Instagram artists that inspired me.



When I think of surgeon. I think of surgery. Where surgeons are contact with wounds and fractured bones. I thought of incorporating these elements into my type.

I started drawing in out of Ai. However, I felt that the type is plain and flat. It needed some shadows.

I add shadows and I am pretty pleased with the result. However, when I ask my friends for their opinions, they felt that the legs are too straight. Skin should be more curve and not so rigid.

After making the changes, it look more like ‘skin’. I am glad I ask friends for their opinions. I also added splash of blood as the background to represent what the surgeon face daily. After consultation, the feedback that I get was that the splash of blood background makes it looks more like a murder and was a little to bloody. And that I should change it to something that is more related to my occupation.

Creating my own surgical cloth

As I could not find a suitable image of cloth for my background. I decided to create my own! I cut up a unwanted top and took photo of it. Then I edit the colours on photoshop. I also added more shadows and textures to my cloth.


For my final work, I tried to arrange the letters in the form of the open wound. Wounds are normally in different sizes, therefore I increase and decrease the size of letters. By doing that, it also gives the name a little more dimension and depth.It will not looks so flat.

I when on the research more on surgeon. And I thought maybe I could use surgical cloth as a base. With the shade being darker at the tear open wound.

The main colour used in this composition is green, red and beige. I made used of like complementary colours. So that my name will start out more.



Some of the elements that I have pulled out from the clock is gears, screws and the knob. I wanted to try out a different style, therefore I hand drew the entire work. It actually turn out better that what I image it to be.


I added some dots to create depth to it. Which helps to make the letters stand out more.


My final work, I scan my drawing and tried to create a perspective. The main colours used was brownish, as it gives off a vintage effect.



How I define a fish expert is someone that know everything about fish. Like the parts of the fish, the different segments of a fish. How many bones they have and the dimension. So I thought of doing like a see through of fish bones.

I started by sketching out my idea. I drew it out and scan it to ai and Image trace the image. I like how it creates a more structural edges.

After I add in the colours, I feel that it looks more a caterpillar instead. So I receive some feedbacks that maybe I could add in the fish head.


I place the tail at the start of the composition and the head comes after they tail. However, we could still clearly identify that it is a fish. Our brain will naturally arrange and form the fish.

I placed the fish bone in a lab setting, Because  I am a fish expert. I have to study on the fish. So the I have to exact with the dimensions and measurements.




I started forming the maze of my name with Ai pen tool. It gives me a better ideas of where should be the positive (grass) and negative space.

I add grass to the background. However, I felt that my name does not stands out. It is not very obvious. I asked my friends and some comments given that there were to little grass.


For my final work, I added more grass to the background. I chose to use a darker and thicker line for the name so that it will stand out more.



The challenges that I faced for this project was the interpretation of jobs. I misunderstood it and produce many wrong compositions. However, after the first consultation, I was clear of what was expected to be done. I felt that it was a lot easier after that. So, consultations are very important! Secondly, it is very important to test print. The first day I printed, the colours came out darker than what I expected. After editing the images, I had to head back to Bugis to print again. But after printing it for the second time. This time the colour was too light. I suspected that the printer ran out of ink, so I went to another shop to get it printed.

Through this project, I thought it help me move out from my comfort zone. I explored with different mediums. Instead of just sticking to one, I tried out ai, ps and also hand drawing. Although I am familiar with ai, this project allows me to explore with more tools and techniques that I am unfamiliar off.

And thank you to my friends, as I kept asking them for opinions. They always give me very truthful and useful feedback!