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[2D] Ego Research

Liz Climo


I really like her outlined style and simple forms! She serves as my primary inspiration.

Alessandro Gottardo

I think his compositions are really unique in how they combine big and small elements. His use of color is also really bold.

Jon Klassen

I really like the clean background and use of watercolor and “speckles” – I could possibly imitate it with salt.

Amy Schimler

Geometric and organic forms – playing with transparencies

Brigette Barager

Her textured background is lovely, as well as the bright, happy colors.

Sam Falconer

Very strong color contrasts, which are frankly, a bit intimidating, but I will attempt it in some of my panels.

Sara Fanelli

I love her use of analogous colors and how they unify the whole composition. I also really like the use of different textures that I want to imitate.

Richard Smythe

Wet on dry technique on white background gives a really crisp feel. I really like the textures produced by the watercolor too – it was the main reason why I predominantly used watercolor for my panels.

Oliver Jeffers

I really like his use of mixed media, combining color pencils over watercolors. I will have to try that as a technique.