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Mobile phone dock with speakers: Part 2

Following this, I made some revisions to this rough model by drawing over photos taken of the model. This was helpful as it was easier for me as the sketch model helped me to visualize these changes in real life.

I thought about going with either a very rounded feel (by rounding out the corners of the base and beams), or a more angular, sharp feel, with the tips of the beams being slanted at an angle. I also decided to have the beams be wedged instead of pierced through after referencing actual boat docks.





I also decided to slope the latter part down, after looking at the ramps on boat docks above.

On to the making of my model!

I first cut the shapes using a template for both sides, and sanded it down with sandpaper blocks. I was really happy with how clean I managed to get right angle cuts, and took extra care with the sandpaper to make sure the surface was completely smooth. I made two of these bases, with one spare, because I still wanted to see whether longer or shorter beams would be better, and didn’t want to accidentally dent the foam when working with it.


I then decided to experiment with the lengths of the beams. I decided to go with the longer beams in the end because they just looked better. The picture on the left below has the longer beams, while the one on the right has the shorter beams.


The longer beams with the rejected shorter beams.

Then, I measured the distance of the beams apart from one another, adjusted some measurements, and got to marking the actual foam model base with it.





After that, there was a lot of filing down and cutting. I also found out during the review that I wasn’t actually supposed to use the yellow-handled tool for wood, it’s for foam (oops).





After I had pasted all the wood down, I had to decide on the width of the planks using ice-cream sticks of different widths. Purely by aesthetic, I decided to go with an in-between of the thick and thin ice cream sticks as neither were fully satisfactory to me. I also decided to make the spacing between them larger.





Finally, I decided to let the speakers go down the middle like a ramp.









Here’s the final model!





During the review, Ms Pari mentioned that I could have had the speakers go in between the planks so that the planks can maintain their integrity, and I agree! I did a mock-up of that to visualize how that could look like.








Overall, I learned a lot about working with foam and wood, and how to sand effectively and well. I’m glad I got to work on my ideation and model-making skills ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

[2D] Ego – Final


This whole collection was based off a birthday present my friends gave me for my 17th birthday. It was one of those educational posters you get for young children, but they Bala-fied it and basically pasted unflattering photos of me onto the different animals and made terrible puns with them.

It’s the most memorable gift I’ve gotten to date, and I knew I’d definitely want to have one of the panels be about my friends. Hence, I decided to have each of the panels be different animal alter egos of myself.

Overall aesthetic

I went with a childrens book illustration sort of aesthetic, as I’m really a kid at heart. It’s hard for me to take myself seriously, and I like to surround myself with cute and happy things all the time – Artbox stationery being a prime example.

Cold is not my thing.

I’m really sensitive to cold – as a very tropical person, I get cold even when the aircon is turned on. I always, always have a spare jacket in my locker in case I forget mine in a rush. It’s so bad that I’d say I have roughly 20 different hoodies and jackets, cause it’s the item of clothing I can’t live without. Hence, these panels aim to express my sensitivity to cold, with me as a hippo because they’re very tropical animals, like myself.

I’m really, really escapist.

I’m really perfectionist, so I tend to do things really slowly, and like to take my time with them. Here in ADM though, there are a lot of deadlines one right after another, which barely gives me enough time to work with them for as long as I’d like to. The result? I give in to my escapist tendencies a lot more, because I’d rather procrastinate then face reality. I find myself watching shows and reading books, my guilty pleasures, a lot more than I used to – the more I get stressed, the more I want to skateboard away from Earth. I used a tortoise here to symbolize me being slow.

I’m a totally different person around my friends.

It might be hard to believe, but I’m actually a very introverted person. My idea of a perfect afternoon would be me sleeping, reading, or watching Netflix on my bed. However, my friends being my friends, would probably crash my house and get me to go outside, and the afternoon would morph into another type of perfect afternoon. They get my hard exterior to come off, and loosen up and enjoy life.

The three animal friends represent my three best friends. The Dinosaur would be Cynthia, a beautiful soul I’ve known since Sec 1. She’s a dinosaur cause she gets really angry on my behalf when I’m mad about things. She almost called up my ex and lectured him, haha.

The dog is Yilin, cause she’s the most loyal person I know. She’s helped me out with so many things that I’ve lost count.

The rabbit is Ashish, a friend I made fairly recently in Year 5 in Junior College, but has become one of the most important people in my life. He’s a rabbit because he’s super jumpy and excitable. He’s just overall a really lively person.

Watermelon and sleep – they’re like my right and left eye.

I wish I could express my love for watermelon without sounding like a psycho. I really, really like watermelon. I can eat a whole watermelon at one go. Sleeping on a stomach full of watermelon would literally put me on cloud 9, especially because I haven’t done either in a pretty long time, with the really busy term.

[3D] Gaia’s Ikebana III: Final models, critique and revisions

Spring sculpture 1:

D: Orchid branch // SDs: Ice cream cone and matcha ring cake // SOs: Pink wafer cone and Hershey’s chocolate ball

Techniques used:

  • Piercing (of Dominant orchid branch through cone) and Wedging (of Hershey’s chocolate ball to cone)
  • Voids between SDs and the horizontal
  • Triangular composition of 2 SDs and SO from the top view, like in the actual Moribana Ikebana arrangement
  • Rule of thirds in length of SD to D (elaborated on on 2D sketch analysis in previous post)
  • Follows 30 degree, 45 degree rules of dominant and subdominant like in actual Moribana Ikebana arrangement
  • Length of dominant follows relative proportion to base container advised for actual Moribana Ikebana arrangement

Critique in class:

  • The dominant branch is too overly ornamented with orchid flowers, and also has an element of artificiality due to the fact that it is plastic
  • Cheryl suggested that I try finding a different branch, so I did. Here is the revised model!

Spring sculpture 1: Revised edition

Next, we have spring sculpture 2, made of Indian food! I meant to have the saucepan as the base to be indicative of the tools that was used to make the dominant. Furthermore, the handle was vital to having the dominant cone be able to balance at the 30 degree angle.

Spring sculpture 2:

D: Cone dosai // SD: Cylindrical vadai and branch passing through cylindrical vadai // SOs: Spherical kozhukattai and indian biscuit

Techniques used:

  • Wedging (of Kozhukattai SO to dominant cone dosai) and Piercing (of SO branch through SD vadai)
  • Void between dominant dosai and SD vadai
  • Follows 30 degree, 45 degree rules of dominant and subdominant like in actual Moribana Ikebana arrangement
  • Length of SD is half of length of dominant
  • Rule of thirds followed in wedging of 1/3 of kozhukattai SO into dominant cone dosai


  • The class mentioned that the composition seems very linear. I do agree, and it actually became that way because I could not get the cylindrical vadai SD to balance against the dominant dosai any other way as the dominant dosai was very heavy. In my sketch model, it was not such a linear model and actually followed the Rikka Ikebana arrangement. In hindsight, I could’ve made the batter for the cone dosai in such a way that the pancake was not so dense and heavy, hence letting the SD be balanced against it in the same orientation that I had meant it to be in my sketch model.
  • The handle created some confusion between the SDs and Ds. I had not meant it to be part of the composition, but on hindsight, I realized that the handle was in fact very prominent.
  • Cheryl tweaked the SO branch that passed through the vadai such that it went down rather than up, and it looked a lot better. I also removed the standalone biscuit so as to include the handle as part of the 5 D, SD, SO elements. Here’s the sculpture below after that revision, thank you for making my sculpture look a lot better, Cheryl! (๑˃ᴗ˂)

Spring sculpture 2: Revised edition


At first, I was scared about the project brief mentioning that none of the axises could be parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal ground. However, I learned a lot about counterbalance from this challenge and how to get shapes that weren’t as easy to balance as rectilinear forms to stay in the place where I wanted them to be (っ˘ω˘ς )

I really enjoyed learning about the art of Ikebana and using those principles in my own sculptures. I felt like I explored a lot of new territory with having the branches at specific angles, and enjoyed the visual effect it created as well.

I also learned to truly look at the whole sculpture, from the learning experience with the Indian food sculpture’s base handle being significant in the overall composition as well. Regardless of whether I had meant for the pan’s handle to be part of the 5 D, SD and SO elements, I realized that intention doesn’t really hold up to visual qualities, and learned to tweak the composition such that it could then be included upon this realization.

Lastly, I really felt like a cook after making all the Indian food, and it was even more fun to play with it to make my sculpture. I hope the smell of it didn’t make anyone too hungry in the morning (*≧ω≦*)