Device of the Week 2: Thync’s Relax Pro

Looking deceivingly just like a device sticking at the neck, this device can do much more. Thync’s Relax Pro sits around the neck, sending mini brain massages that help individuals de-stress and sleep better. Through nerve stimulation – electrodes that are safe, low-voltage signals – these are sent to the brain’s adrenaline system. The nervous system then instructs the body to relax, helping the user unwind.

Too stressed after a long day? Thync’s Relax Pro uses neurostimulation to relieve stress and encourage well-rested sleep.

The device is paired with a smartphone. Users can select “Deep Sleep” or “Deep Relax” mode. During the session, users are able to customize the intensity of their session. When used 10 mins before sleep, it is known to help the brain reach a peaceful state and thus enhance quality of sleep. It is recommended to use the device for 4-6 weeks to see results to long-term sleep quality.

The 2 different modes that the user can select.

Thync spent at least 5 years to develop this product, with a long series of studies (e.g. 1300 nights of monitored sleep). This is considered a great breakthrough in the wearable market.


  • This proposes a alternative solution to stimulants like sleeping drugs and coffee, thus users need not be reliant on stimulants anymore. Dietary lifestyle is not affected with this device
  • Stress is one of the most worrying aspects in today’s fast-paced society – an on-the-go device to help individuals relax as and when is very beneficial in improve overall quality of lives
  • Moreover, it is fully customisable – one can adjust the intensity and select different modes – something impossible to do with stimulants


  • This device is not necessarily the safest for everyone. As it does make use of electrical pulses, it is not beneficial for people with existing medical conditions like stroke, seizures or pregnant ladies
  • The design while already minimalistic, might not be the most comfortable as it is hard


  • This might be more beneficial if it was a softer wearable – perhaps something that seamlessly sticks to the skin to improve comfort
  • Perhaps Thync can look into sleepwear, garment or even fashion accessories (choker). I believe many people would want to use this device comfortably and inconspicuously.
  • A line of hearables can be looked into as well


All in all, this is a wonderful device and groundbreaking in the field of wearables. Stress wearables are very much needed in our fast-paced society where many are stressed and lack a good night rest daily. This can definitely pushed further – who knows even one can an implant?



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