Assignment 1 – Slice of This Existence – Fictional Character

First Version – B&W

Character Brief

This was my very first character that I designed using photoshop. I wanted to create the leading lines using nuclear missiles but after the presentation I was asked to further improved on my designs.

The Bulb representing he is a smart person, he’s a thinker.

The Suits representing he’s rich in a way and also well presentable.

Final Design

I decided to redesign my fictional character as my previous work was quite messy in a way. The overall design is based in a futuristic lab with HUD screen at the background, a robotic arm and the body scanner as Tony Starks owns many latest technologies in the market.

New York city was also put in at the background of the HUD.

The subject is also wearing a suits to represent that he is well presentable and also a white collar. I also input the color red to represent ironman as the color red has the characteristic of it. The arc rector is one of the most iconic object in the movie, without it he won’t be able to stay alive.

The New Element is an element that researched and theorised by Howard Stark his father. The element generates power similar to the Tesseract which his father found and studied in the years following World War II. That’s why I decided to put in the Tesseract because its somehow relates to ironman.

The foreground also added a camera interface as, Tony Starks is always recording during his experimental of new armour and weapon. 

The ideation behind this design took me quite awhile but after some researched of the ironman characteristic and putting the elements, I really love the new design that I created.


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