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Project 4 Final – The Unfolding Narrative

Our installation is titled “The Unfolding Narrative“.


The stories that would be played through the headphones initially before anyone records their thoughts in the booth:

1 – Working adult – Mild bipolar disorder
2- Old Uncle – Anhedonia (Major Depressive disorder)
3- Working Adult – Manic depression (Suicidal)
4- Working Adult – Relocation depression (change of nature in job)
5- Working Adult – Parenting through depression
6- Working Adult – Depression caused by chronic Illnesses/change of environment
7- Fresh Graduate – Financial depression


Our purpose:

  1. To encourage open conversations on our mental health
  2. Choose to use the toilet -> where private thoughts are most apparent, bringing them to a public space

Front view:

  1. A row of 9 toilet bowls placed at the ADM entrance
  2. A headset will be attached to each toilet bowl where participants can pick up and listen to the recorded stories
  3. Each toilet bowl will have a different encounter recorded

Back view:

  1. Participant can move to the back and contribute their own personal stories
  2. We want to create a safe and comfortable place -> drawing/ writing/ highly encouraged to share their stories verbally

Explaining the layout:

  1. According to statistics, 1 in 10 Singaporeans suffer from mental health issues
  2. So we made 9 toilet bowls -> equivalent to 9 listeners lending their listening ear to the one person in the booth.
  3. Straight line of toilet bowls

Stories shared:

  1. Most common problems -> depression, alcohol abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder,
  2. Other problems -> Schizophrenia and Dementia

Community involvement:

  1. We want to have an interactive/community sharing component included in our project
  2. Reason why we encompass different ways of expression -> to have a greater sense of inclusion towards the process of story sharing


What we considered?

  • Live streaming of personal stories -> why not? -> might create a sense of fear, a sense of formality in the process of sharing -> therefore, we chose not to do it