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Project 1A – “Strange Encounter”

Artwork created by Shawn Ong


3 Stages of Life – “Strange Encounter”

3 Pieces of artwork that I created using found images on the internet and collage it together using photoshop which also based on first hand experience of what I’ve seen in the train. A very few examples like the kid which they are living in their own world, colors and happiness existing in their life, another one is about a working adult struggling his work-life-balance and lastly, a old man who knows he’s old and slow but yet he wants catch up his pacing which resulted stubbornness in life.

Project 1A – Research on “Strange world collage”

Credits to Sammy Slabbinck

Collage Artist and Re-animator – Sammy Slabbinck

One of the most favourite art works that I found during my research on "Strange World Collage" done creatively by Collage Artist "Sammy Slabbinck" I really love the way he composite the elements by combining vintage and contemporary images which really stands out of the whole composition. His unique styles and proportions of the images through foreground to background which aim to creating powerful yet simple visual works that spread through with a sense of humour.

Sammy Slabbinck's Work -
Credits to Anthony Gerace

Meticulous and Mesmerising collage work from Anthony Gerace

I was very impressed by the two-pieces of collage work created by Mr Anthony Gerace. The very first impression that was given to me was that these images contain a hidden message behind it. As we can see the missing pieces in the artwork, which also sparked my curiosity and questioning ourselves the purpose of the artwork. What I really felt was that the artist wanted us to fill in our own imagination of what the models might look like and it also has a deep meaning of telling us that " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ". The red lipstick that the artist added in also has a meaning of representing confidence and it also a source of strength. The color, red also has a very strong contrast that the artist wanted us to focus and listening to what the artwork have to say.

Anthony Gerace’s work -

Mark Making Artist “Agnes Ceclie” – Through thick and thin.

This amazing pieces of mark making art was done by Italian artist “Agnes Ceclie” I was amazed by the black ink she uses through thick and thin lines to express her thoughts and ideas behind the painting.  As we can see the expression of a human figure which allows the viewers to think deeper and able to relate to this beautiful painting.


Credits to Agnes-Cecile (aka Silvia Pelissero)